FHIR has already been shown to increase the speed of implementation of links between healthcare systems. The second version of the draft standard (“DSTU2”) has just been published. The Argonaut Project was set up recently in the USA to rapidly develop a first-generation API and Core Data Services specification for FHIR, to further simplify implementation.

This workshop discussed the aims of the project, progress so far, and what the impact in the UK is likely to be. FHIR is already being used by the HSCIC for the next generation of GP system interfaces and in local NHS projects to bridge pathways across care sectors. BCS Health and HL7 UK jointly ran this free event as a learning opportunity for NHS and social care implementers and commissioners to help accelerate the pace of adoption.

Following introductory presentations, the workshop discussion explored the barriers and opportunities in the UK.

Presentations from the event can be found below.

The future of Health Data Interoperability is on FHIR: the argonaut project - Charles Jaffe

HL7 FHIR APIs and the argonaut project - What do they mean for UK healthcare IT landscape? - Philip Scott

Interoperability and patient centred care coordination - Russell Leftwich

Adoption of FHIR in HSCIC projects - Richard Kavanagh