Data Centres are the factories of the Digital Age. They provide the foundation for the reliability, availability and security of systems and networks that power the world’s economy and, increasingly, the world's communication and entertainment.

The consumer's drive for 24/7 availability of goods and services places increasing pressure on the availability of the facilities, systems and networks that provide these services. Underpinning the service reliability is the provision of a suitable, stable and reliable operating environment.

The Internet of Things and the EU Digital Agenda are driving exponential data growth without much coherent attention being paid to its impact on the environment.

Whilst there are many individuals in our industry with useful knowledge and experience in Data Centre IT and Facilities Engineering, their information is not easily accessible. The industry is also dominated by paranoia rather than engineering.

One of the key areas the DCSG is focused on is working with the UK, EU and North American legislative bodies to ensure our industry is properly focused on driving the changes required to meet this ICT growth sustainable.

The DCSG aims to hold around six events per year that will focus on the hot topics of the moment, in both the IT and the Facilities areas, and will provide a forum for communication while further fostering professionalism through the industry.