The ELITE membership

ELITE, the Computing Leadership Forum, is for those who make distinguished and influential contributions to computing leadership in and across communities. Regular events provide a pressure-free, non-commercial setting for networking, problem solving and discussion. By joining, members are able to contribute to a foremost forum for computing leaders that is now also the National Body for representing the views of CIOs, CTOs, IT Directors and other IT leaders at EuroCIO, the European CIO Association.

Members include directors, managers, professionals, academics, thought leaders and others, from all sectors, both inside and outside the computing industry. Application for membership is open to anyone responsible for or influential upon the leadership of computing who has attained at least fellowship in their professional institute (e.g. FBCS) or equivalent, or is nominated by three current ELITE members.

ELITE is impartial

ELITE provides opportunities to hear prominent speakers present and discuss topical subjects and issues of interest to its members and, before and afterwards, network with their peers. Events are held in London and other major cities throughout the UK.

Events are truly impartial reflecting only the common interests of its members. The use of premises and sponsorship are only accepted in circumstances where this impartiality is not compromised. A committee of volunteers, elected by the wider membership, oversees the event programme and other matters. Members are kept up to date by email, the web site, and can participate in discussion groups on social media.

IT supply and service organisations are encouraged to participate in and sponsor ELITE events Find out how to work with ELITE because, through its affiliation with BCS, ELITE maintains its independence of all suppliers. ELITE is not a forum for buying or selling IT services or products and membership can be revoked in the event that such activities occur.

ELITE is unique

The benefits:

  • membership is a recognition of achievement, not of a role, job title or size of budget;
  • membership once granted continues through career changes and breaks, and into retirement;
  • there’s no fee to join and no regular subscriptions, whether paid by the individual or the employer;
  • members can attend as many (or as few) meetings a year as they wish;
  • ELITE is a member group within the BCS, specifically for computing leadership, representing its members’ interests and concerns at the highest levels within the BCS and beyond.

The ELITE rules should be read in conjunction with the BCS Member Group Rules. For further information about ELITE, please download the 'ELITE on a page' document.