1. It can be organised by members of the ELITE Committee or its regional leadership.
  2. It can be organised in conjunction with other specialist and regional groups within BCS.
  3. An external organisation can offer complimentary places on their events to members of ELITE.
  4. An external sponsor provides venues, refreshments, funds professional speakers or otherwise defray some or all of the costs of an event.

In more detail:

ELITE Committee organised events

Typically thematic, these events are run at breakeven, in venues made available to ELITE at no charge and with admission pricing recovering refreshment costs and designed to provide opportunities for networking as well as insights into issues relevant to ELITE members or subgroups thereof.

Events with other Groups in BCS

Similar to the above, but typically organised by another BCS group in association with ELITE and publicised to ELITE members.

Places on external events

From time to time external organisations offer complimentary and/or ‘VIP’ places at conferences, exhibitions and other vendor - or consultant - organised events to ELITE members. If, in the opinion of the ELITE Committee, ELITE members would be interested in such events, these places are offered equally to all ELITE members on either a strictly first come first served basis or as prizes in a competition, with “cherry-picking” among ELITE applicants strictly forbidden.

Sponsored events

These can be organised by the ELITE Committee or a BCS Group with the rules of conduct of the sponsor being set out in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the sponsor(s). These events might or not be chargeable to ELITE members depending on the nature of the sponsorship. Typically the sponsor would take some part in the presentations with contact with event attendees on a personal basis during the event.

Surveys of ELITE Members

From time to time, the ELITE Committee grants academic and other researchers the opportunity to invite ELITE Members to respond to surveys on topics of mutual interest. In order to ensure that ELITE Members are not over burdened with such requests, the ELITE Committee has developed the ELITE survey policy with which researchers will be required to comply in surveying ELITE Members. The word survey covers both surveys and questionnaires. Only online surveys will be considered for distribution.