A fundamental aim of the Service Management specialist group is to provide an affordable informal forum for all BCS members or service management practitioners to discuss service management benefits, issues, innovation, best practice, products and experiences, and to act as a resource for personal and professional development within the service management community.

In line with the objectives of promoting the application and understanding of service management best practice, particularly within the wider BCS community, we have devised two branch ‘roadshow’ presentations. The first outlines the key concepts and features of Service Management and the second is for an audience familiar with the basics of ITSM and looking to move forward.

Synopsis for 'Episode 1'

Service Management has been adopted by many thousands of companies worldwide but what is it? Fundamentally, it’s a way to manage the delivery of IT, focused on the customers perception of IT’s contribution to the business. This short introduction to Service Management will explain the key concepts and features and will give attendees sufficient information to understand and build upon the essentials. We’ll begin with what the industry is getting out of Service Management, move on to explain ITIL® and ISO20000 in some detail and then finish with a brief look at other linked topics including ISO27001 and COBIT.

Synopsis for 'Episode 2'

Information Technology is continually moving forward - whether infrastructure, application or delivery model. Service Management underpins how these components combine to deliver business value. ITSM itself needs to move forward in line with these.

This session will discuss the core concepts and structures of ITSM, and the maturity stages required to match increasingly demanding business needs from IT services. It aims to demonstrate that 'Whatever your role in IT - with Service Management, everyone's involved.'

It is targeted at those who already have a basic foundation in Service Management and are considering the challenges ahead of them. 'Expert' level members may also benefit, and their own contributions and ideas will be welcomed.

Choosing us

If you are a BCS branch, professional group or educational body looking either an introduction or more advanced information on IT service management, the SMSG can provide a complete package, including presenters and presentation material for a compelling and informative event.

For previous roadshow events, please see our Past events section

For further details, please contact Daniel Breston daniel.breston@qriosity-managingit.com.