Nadira is a highly effective and competent change manager, with over 20 years’ experience in numerous roles and responsibilities in local government and the private sector. She is able to forge excellent working relationships with the business and key stakeholders to deliver successful transformational change of services and functions using principles of best practice - stakeholder management, business analysis, change and programme & project management.

Nadira is completely committed to achieving continuous service improvement and cost effective, fit-for-purpose business solutions, with a focus on reducing the cost of service delivery, adopting the digital agenda and seeking opportunities for collaborative / partnership working.

Nadira has experience in delivering major cultural change programmes applying change management and programme and project management principles and techniques - including the introduction of ‘One Oracle’; resulting in wholesale change to existing back-office service delivery models, organisational structures and working practices. The outcomes of which established and implemented channel shift initiatives that resulted in the introduction of ‘self-service’ facilities, establishing sourcing options and delivery models for ICT and wider BPO functions. It also aided the introduction of technology to support and improve service delivery.

Nadira has acted as a facilitator of transformational change for a whole range of local government functions; improving the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery through undertaking business analysis activity, ascertaining ICT need, embracing and exploiting the use of ICT, delivering appropriate solutions as well as implementing ‘value for money’, practical and suitable solutions for 5000+ customers.

Nadira has also successfully managed projects that have improved access to public services through adopting a ‘digital by default / design’ approach and encouraging channel shift; improving contact centre performance, reviewing the business model for public contact points, enabling the Adults’ Services reform agenda.

Nadira has been able to establish and improve the interface between ICT and the business - developing and improving relationships through instilling customer excellence values, using relationship management techniques, improving the first point of contact for customers via the Service Desk and creating a centre of excellence in the Programme and Project Office.

Nadira has been responsible for the creation, implementation and reviews of service improvement programmes to facilitate benefits realisation and return on investment.

Nadira also has extensive experience of implementing and managing supplier relationships to ensure the successful delivery of a product or service and realising cost avoidance and cashable savings.

Nadira has recently been elected as President Society of IT Managers (SocITM) 15-16. A key theme of her presidency is ‘Women in IT’. Through serving on the SocITM Board of Directors she will be responsible for shaping and influencing the strategic, operational aspects of the Society, financial viability, improving member benefits. In addition she will be working with the Local Digital Alliance (LDA) comprising DCLG, SOLACE, SocITM, LGA, LCIOC to promote ‘Place as a Platform’ concept through collaborative working with central government.