• Chair the Young Professionals' Group (YPG) and general meetings
  • Oversee the YPG's strategy, identifying opportunities and progressing the group
  • Ensure the YPG adheres to correct governance and code of conduct procedures, in conjunction with the BCS Registrars
  • Represent the YPG on BCS Council
  • Represent the YPG on Member Services Board and produce a YPG communication report for each meeting
  • Approve YPG expenditure with Treasurer where required
  • Lead the induction of new YPG committee and representative volunteers
  • Ensure appropriate and thorough communication and representation within the group; to members, volunteers and wider BCS
  • Setting the agenda for all YPG meetings and lead the meeting participation, including communicating issues and concerns of all YPG volunteers
  • In conjunction with other YPG volunteers and support staff, represent the YPG within the BCS, to external organisations, members and the wider public
  • To assist the Chair in the above duties and help fulfill them in the absence of the Chair
  • Advise the Chair on procedure as required
  • Anticipate matters to be attended to by the committee, plan the agenda ahead and plan the collection of required material for consideration by the committee or working party
  • Liaise with the Chair and relevant stakeholders in the preparation of material
  • Prepare follow-up correspondence indicating decisions made at each meeting
  • Provide administrative support, e.g. members' accommodation and travel, catering, venue arrangement, audiovisual and other equipment
  • Conduct necessary elections for membership to the committee
  • Prepare a budget proposal for the next financial year and submit to HQ
  • Review YPG expenditure based on monthly budget reports from HQ
  • Report to EC on recent expenditure and the availability of budget for the remainder of the year
  • Approve expense claims submitted by EC members and reps
  • In collaboration with other Officers, approve YPG expenditure generally
  • In collaboration with events organisers, prepare proposals for non-budget funding
  • General responsibility as an Officer of the EC
Press & PR Officer

We are looking for the right individual to take our press and public relations work forward, in a position with real prospects for personal development and professional networking.

Your press responsibilities

  • Provide event coverage support for YPG events with the assistance of a team of writers and photographers
  • Review and edit copy
  • Provide constructive feedback to writers
  • Produce guidelines and press best practices in collaboration with your team
  • Generate and follow through on ideas for stories and new features

Your PR responsibilities

  • Produce promotional copy for events
  • Promote events, with the assistance of the BCS
  • Develop existing and establish new links with complementary organisations to BCS YPG

Your experience

  • Some news and / or feature writing experience
  • An interest in and appreciation of PR

Your skills

  • Strong communicator (especially written)
  • Able to deliver accurate and compelling copy
  • Effective team leader
  • Open to change and innovation