Your role as a YPG representative

As a YPG representative you are responsible to your branch committee, and should aim to support the committee whenever you can. In addition, you will also fulfil the role of liaison between the branch committee and the YPG's national committee, ultimately representing the views of the young professionals within your area.

You should try to both arrange and publicise events designed to appeal to young professionals and provide details of special offers and any current YPG initiatives. Sometimes your branch committee may ask you to take on the Education Liaison role which could involve you visiting and speaking at local universities. Nothing is set in stone. You and your branch should decide how best to use your time and what your role should entail.

First point of contact / guidance

As a YPG representative you represent your branch, the YPG, and ultimately the BCS. As they will probably know you best and be in the same geographical location, your first point of contact should always be through your branch committee.

How do I Contact / Feedback to the YPG's Committee?

The YPG committee really enjoy hearing about the activities occurring around the country. Please do let us know when you run events, we can help promote them via our events listing pages on our website.

Contact details are available from the contacts section of this guide or from the contact us section of the website.

How can I promote the YPG and the BCS at branch level?

You need to work under the direction of your branch, but there are a number of ways to promote your activities at a branch level. Depending on your branch structure you can work in conjunction with your University Liaison Officer (ULO) to ensure that your branch either establishes or maintains a relationship with Higher Educational Institutions (HEI's) in your branch jurisdiction. Again, under the direction of your branch you can liaise and set up partnerships with local businesses. They can help you promote and sponsor activities that you are involved in and provide funding or work placements for members in your area.

How can I promote my branch activities and news beyond my local branch?

More detailed and advice on how to promote your activities can be found in the organising events section of this guide. The YPG also run a Content Management System through which you can enter event information on the website automatically.


Neither your branch or the YPG expect you to be out of pocket when undertaking and organising events for the YPG or the BCS in general. However, because we are a charity and funds are limited we would ask you to observe the BCS's expense policy and take advantage of any discounts, car sharing, employer goodwill etc, so that we can best fund as many activities as possible.

Your branch treasurer will be able to advise you on how to submit expenses. Normally your branch will be responsible for paying your expenses, however if you are working on or with the National YPG committee you may be able to claim back expenses centrally. Where ever possible you should ensure that all expenditure has been approved by your branch or the YPG. In addition to the BCS expenditure policy, the YPG have created a detailed expenses policy to help you best judge what is a reasonable expense.

Speaking with the media

To achieve fair and accurate coverage of the YPG, its services and our activities, it is necessary to build credibility among the media. In some cases, this means establishing a few "good friends", but it can involve overcoming hostility. Indeed, speaking with the media can be a daughting experience, it is important to remember that there is no such thing as an off the record or non-attributable conversation with a journalist unless you know and trust him or her very well indeed.

Generaly, the journalist is unlikely to know as much about the subject as you do. They will be looking to you as an expert, and your use as such can enhance both your reputation in the business sector in which you operate and the YPG's reputation as a whole. More often today personal relationships with journalists ensure coverage when similar information on a press release would just be ignored. This is just one reason why it pays to build contacts with the media.