The YPG, as you may be aware, is a subgroup of the BCS, run almost entirely by volunteers and represents the views of younger professionals throughout the Society.

If you are an existing representative, then we hope you too will find this section useful. It is packed full of updated material, advice and suggestions. Together we have achieved a tremendous amount over the past few years; we have been making lots of changes and building a stronger support network for younger BCS members.

These achievements reflect the fact that everyone has been working extremely hard, this is of course particularly notable as we are all volunteers. Your outstanding commitment and hard work is very much appreciated by all of the National Committee and the BCS.

We need to keep communicating and looking forward to great new opportunities. The entire YPG Network is focused on turning vision into reality and making a difference for the better, building a community where ideas matter and open discussion is encouraged. We encourage you to read these sections and please if you have any suggestions for inclusions, updates or deletions please do get in touch.