Often this may be to publicise competitions, pass on details of special offers, provide details of specialist projects like Worklink, or to pass feedback and enquiries from the branch (or members) to the national committee.

The branch may request that their YPG representative take on a formal role as the main contact point for any student enquiries, becoming the branch's main line of communication with the students. It would then be the responsibility of the YPG representative to respond quickly, provide lots of information and suggest links to relevant sources of information (such as the YPG web page). It is also advisable to speak to any young members at the branch's regular meetings and encourage them to become active within the branch (this benefits both the branch and the YPG).

Many branches hold student events in their events calendar each year. In some branches this may be an informal gathering where branch members mingle with the students and offer advice, some branches hold a speaker evening, and other branches hold an annual quiz night. Regardless of the event's nature, the branch often requests that the YPG representative take the directing role by convening the event.

This role often involves communication with the University Liaison Officers in the area. It may be that the YPG requires some publicity material to be distributed locally, or alternatively it may be regarding the branch's student event.

It is recommended that branch YPG representatives keep an eye on the web pages of the Branch and YPG and keep all parties informed about items of relevance to them. It would be preferable for the YPG branch representative to become active in the YPG national committee as this provides a driving force in YPG activities nationally, and perhaps more importantly can provide a useful source of information. Many informal discussions held after a national YPG meeting or through the mailbase, have led to ideas for the branches.

The role of a YPG representative can vary from branch to branch, as each branch like their members is unique and has it's own way of doing things, some are highly active and others less so. Regardless of the branch's activity, serving as the branch's YPG representative can prove to be both interesting and worthwhile.

The YPG community (like the BCS community) is a strong one, with many people out there willing to help in anyway they can. Serving as the YPG representative on a branch committee allows you to use these connections to the benefit of that committee, the YPG and your fellow professionals within the branch.