Do the right thing

Acting with integrity, honesty and fairness is essential. From having the courage to make decisions and take responsibility for their outcome, to valuing team contributions and encouraging inclusivity.  

One team

You’ll work closely with your team for one shared purpose. That means supporting each other, dealing openly with challenges and valuing each other’s perspectives to build strong working relationships.  

Make things better

A motivation to make things better is essential in your day-to-day work ethic. From encouraging new ideas to solving problems and learning from your experiences, it’s what setting the standards is all about. 

Make things happen

Keeping your promises, completing tasks you start, empowering and trusting others to do the same - you should feel empowered to set goals and reach them, but always with your team’s support. 

Being human

You’re a human being - as are your colleagues. Celebrate your differences and be authentic, respectful, personable, positive and open - and remember to have fun. Here’s a chance to enjoy your career and the time you spend with your colleagues.