Early Careers Executive - vacancy

Lead the newly created Early Careers Executive

BCS is committed to providing support to individuals seeking a career in IT.

It is essential that as a professional body we provide a clear proposition and support individuals at every stage of their career. This is especially true for individuals starting their career.

The Early Careers Executive (ECE) has been established to provide a strategic focus for BCS in ensuring that our community activities support and nurture individuals who are in the early stages of their IT career, regardless of their age or route into the profession.

The Chair will be responsible for ensuring that BCS establishes and maintains a vibrant community of students and apprentices as well as ensuring that our existing branch and specialist groups provide engagement opportunities that support individuals embarking on a career in IT and helping them to develop into their mid-career.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to shape the creation of a new Executive under the governance of Community Board, which will involve seeking out candidates to form the Executive and setting a strategy for engaging early career professionals within the BCS Community as well as attracting them to it.

This role will suit individuals seeking an opportunity to develop senior leadership skills and who are passionate about supporting the growth of early career professionals.

How to apply

Applicants must submit a CV, covering letter and nomination form (signed by two BCS professional members) to groups@bcs.uk by 17 January.

Role specification
Nomination form

Timeline for appointment

Application deadline: 17 January
Application reviews: 20 - 24 January
Interviews: Expected February


Honorary Officer vacancies

The Honorary Officers of the BCS comprise the President, Deputy President and Vice-President positions which are voluntary positions.

Vice-President positions normally incorporate the chairing of one of the strategic boards and the President chairs the Trustee Board. The Nominations Committee is mandated to carry out the recruiting for these positions and this process usually starts in March of each year. At that point any positions becoming vacant within the next year will be advertised in various locations including this page.

The nomination period for Honorary Officer positions from 2020 has now closed.