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Yesterday, I had the opportunity to chat with Professor Hargreaves, mainly about the aftermath of his IP Review / recommendations.
The topic of Bitcoin, and other cyber currencies, as well as the underlying Blockchain technology is still top of mind for various industries, with frequent: events, blog posts, articles and sundry news items firmly focused on them. I have also contributed to the deluge with a recently published article in the BCS ITNow magazine, as well as a forthcoming event on the “darker side of Internet technology”, but more on that later.
'The second World Copyright Summit kicked off successfully on Monday evening in Washington DC, and judging by the numbers of participants present and level of interest, it certainly looks like there’s something for everyone here. The main challenge would be how to marshal all the competing interests in copyright into something concrete for all stakeholders going forward.'
With gazillions of users, extensive media coverage, and the ability to secure major funding even in a dodgy economic climate, Twitter has generated what must be the mother of all buzzes in its short lifestime so far. So why does it still appear to need almost evangelical fervour to convince people that it has a place in their business?
My two favourite topics of late will be discussed in a high profile event organised by the BCS North London Branch on the 21st of October. This is not one to be missed, as the speaker line-up includes no less than a BBC Dragon, so watch out!
Ok, so the wise ones decided to bide their time and give enough room for trends to develop and for arguments to grow hot, cold and hot again; and the outcome? Still not fully decided, but it may just be that file sharing is not such a bad thing after all.
The Music 4.5 event in London will try to show how this can be done, by combining the main ingredients of: "music tech start-ups, serial entrepreneurs, investors, artists, band managers and key industry players" in a programme of events designed to enable them to share, exchange, inspire and network ideas with each other, and with you the audience.
It is clearly becoming a trend for major countries to start putting their foot down on just what will and won’t fly over the Internet (so to speak) in their countries. One may be forgiven for thinking that the media are only focused reporting such “interestingly” bad news. But why not, after all bad news sells better than good, and in showbiz, all publicity is good publicity anyway. Right?
Yesterday's Mashupevent on Digital Identity was an eye opener in terms of the amount of issues, concerns and opinions triggered by this particular topic. Never mind recent buzz phrases like Digital Economy and Digital Inclusion, it looks like Digital Identity may prove be the most important one to get right first.
Two recent articles, pointed out to me by a couple of colleagues, serve to highlight a flaw in the over zealous application and misuse of some DRM based content protection mechanisms; basically when does content protection become disruption?

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