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Canon has filed a patent application for an innovative solution to the vexed question of how to prove ownership in photography. The application describes a biometric watermarking system, which works by capturing and embedding a photographer's biological data (i.e. iris scan) into individual images.
Our online interactions and browsing habits are highly desirable data that can be used by online businesses to target advertising, but just how far should they go in getting this data?
Signs abound that the previously quiet realm of enterprise DRM is now making the must have list for enterprise security system vendors.
As the name suggests this has to do with the application of DRM technologies to provide some control over the use of geographic information.
This is the title of a day seminar, organised by the Open Rights Group (ORG), to explore some of the ways in which the commercial / creative stakeholder can build and operate a successful business model based on free / open Intellectual Property.

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