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What do you get when you gather some entrepreneurs, innovators and serious investors together at a jam-packed, invitation-only, event on entrepreneurship? Read on to find out...
'This house believes that academic education will never satisfy the skills needs of the IT profession' was the title of last week’s Oxford Union style debate.
What is digital and why is it now so important? How are CEOs thinking about business, IT and digital? What is digital business strategy (aka - what should CxOs be doing to ensure their organisation can benefit from the challenges and opportunities presented by digital)?
Big Data, cloud, social and mobility make up Gartner’s ‘Nexus of Forces’, aka super disruptors of the digital age. In a previous related post, (and article), I discussed how such forces impact the concept of intellectual property, and in this post I’ll focus on two major issues that impact and influence big data.
I remember once when the mere mention of DRM stirred up such a frenzied reaction of blood boiling anger, outrage and disgust, from even the meekest of the meek. Thankfully those days are long gone, and DRM has been largely forgotten, or has it?
Last month's conference on copyright and technology provided plenty of food for thought from an array of speakers, organisations, viewpoints and agendas.
Over the past few months, I had several opportunities to engage in the conversation about the role of intellectual property (IP) in the new world of digital, and in so doing, I’ve managed to tease out certain key questions and concerns surrounding this topic
Someone once said that true innovation is collaborative, and I've stated previously that innovation is often best observed in hindsight, so when the opportunity arose to help coordinate a BCS seminar about collaborative innovation (i.e. between business and academia) I was only too eager to oblige.
Jude Umeh asks if this is the future of intellectual property and innovation.
Just as with getting tattoos or removing them, (hint: both equally painful experiences), the furore over a recent European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling on the Right To Be Forgotten, (aka #RTBF), appears to be one that will hurt regardless of which end of the ruling you support.

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