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Looking at the hot topics at DMM2 and what I’ll be talking about on Wednesday.
I’ve been rushed off my feet this week – and with things that I can’t disclose just yet on this blog. Don’t worry though, when the time is ripe you will be the first to know. As I am still not (quite) master of my time (I really will have to implement those time management principals some day), this week’s blog will be mercifully brief.
I was reminded of the work of the late French post- structuralist philosopher Michael Foucault the other day when I met with the guy's from Rever.
Once again I must apologise for not writing about X88 this week. I know I promised it for the last couple of weeks but I’m delaying it again. I have another meeting with the guys this week so I’ll try to get an update ready for next week.
Do we, as technologists, have a social responsibility?
Has Talend completed the set with its launch of MDM CE?
Or the best laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley as the poet Robbie Burns would have it.
Had an interesting conversation recently with John Platten of Vivamex. John has had a kind of parallel career to mine specialising in Data Migration particularly in SAP environments.
Mixed bag this week. I was thinking of titling this week’s blog Datanomic Survey Beer but I think I might have been in trouble with our friends in the legal department so I will separate each into their own paragraph.
Catching Data Migration projects at just the right time is hard.

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