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A few days ago I attended a CIOnet event in London (with title similar to this post) where three CIOs shared their insights, lessons-learnt and views based on their outsourcing experiences coming from a range of industries. It was a fascinating listen.
The title of my new blog post is provocative. Why would I ask such a question, especially after covering a number of CIO surveys, trends, and thought leaders, and underlining the strategic importance of IT in this very blog?
If you share any of my professional background and work experiences, I am sure this question must have popped in your head a few times!
Retail Reference Architecture, it's evolution and real-life pragmatic implementations happens to be one of my key interest area.
On this blog I have covered the discipline of enterprise architecture (EA) from a number of angles and perspectives.
I had the pleasure to host a session by Dr Tim O’Neill at the BCS Enterprise Architecture Specialist Group a few weeks ago.
These days I am presenting the analysis of the State of CIO in my blog. So far I have summarised insights from a successful CIO, followed by analysis of the priorities and focus for 2012 and beyond. In this post I will be analysing and summarising another influential industry survey from IBM.
We are redefining and rejuvenating the BCS Enterprise Architecture Specialist Group these days. Since last elections the newly elected committee is driving a new, refreshing agenda of events, calls, and social media to bring some new thinking through this important EA group with the sponsorship of the BCS.
Still not getting the right results, stakeholder engagement and ROI promised by EA business case? Don't worry! You are not alone.
Often business process management and associated discipline such as business architecture are seen or managed in isolation of the overarching enterprise architecture construct.

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