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There are those who say I have no sense of fun (untrue) and others who say that Christmas is for children (it’s not) but I am accused constantly at the moment of being Scrooge-like with my aversion to Christmas and its distractions appearing earlier each year!
I read an article recently about London Underground’s new training centre – a mock tube station with all the relevant components for training to be as close to real life as possible.
Last Saturday morning I had my CITP (version 2) interview in order to become a CITP assessor. It involved a 10-minute presentation followed by an interview with 2 people I had not met before and it was all to be carried out online using Adobe Connect Pro.
The Information and Technology Training Specialist Group (I&TTSG) is launching BCS Training Practitioner Week today. The week includes profiles of some very interesting people working in IT who consider that training is an important element of their work, the first of whom is Jan Collie, who specialises in Computer Forensics and finds that training people in IT security is an important element of her job.
I really feel for Support Professionals - those usually faceless people who respond, day after day, to endless streams of user questions, deal with errors (system and user) and remain polite and helpful even when they want to scream ‘You stupid person - I told you this last week!’ down the phone at times.
BCS Training Practitioner week was a great success in raising the profile of training practitioners in IT across the IT community.
I recently signed the Agile Manifesto, after thinking long and hard about how it relates to training because I found that it totally aligned with my way of thinking about learning IT as well as developing it.
The L&D Specialist Group committee had a get together this weekend to plan for 2012-13 (watch this space for the exciting news on what we have planned). The whole idea was that we could spend some quality time in the same place for a couple of days to really get things done.
I recently read a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) report on positioning learning practice for recession and recovery entitled 'Innovative Learning and Talent Development'
'On a recent holiday in France I came across a wooden toy in the shape of a frog that is hollowed out and shaped so perfectly that when you run the attached wooden ''stick'' across its back it makes a fabulous loud croacking noise.'

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