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A recent survey by YouGov for Investors in People stated that 4 in 10 people are considering leaving their jobs in the next year and lack of direction and career progression were cited as the main motivators.
I was interested to read a comment to one of my previous blogs - IT Training - IT or HR? about what constitutes IT Training.
The BCS Information and Technology Training Specialist Group (yes, I know what a mouthful it is), of which I am Chair, had its AGM last week and this blog was mentioned a few times.
We are often provided with 'State of the Nation' type of information related to the Training industry but this is mostly based on the 'Top ###' etc. As a small training provider (and there are many of us in IT Training), I am more interested in what is happening down the list but is less often available.
I was fortunate enough to attend the Learning Technologies Conference this week at Olympia and found that a brain in a jar stole the show.

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