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When you book in at a hotel and find one (or even both) of the above printed on the Guest Information, does your heart sink? Mine does. As a nation, we have never been good at other people's languages, even the bits we borrow; but the level of ignorance seems to me to plumb new depths every few years.
Sometimes you have system interactions that frustrate or agitate. And sometimes you have experiences that make your blood boil. And sometimes, just sometimes, you think "I wish I could get hold of those lovely people who designed the operational aspects of this system!" ...
'Provocative title isn''t it? Does gender have any relevance when it comes to managing projects and programmes? Well we know for a fact that convincing more girls to enter and stay in the computing and ICT profession is an issue, so what about women entering project management?'
It strikes me that many organisations involved with ''business as usual'' as well as projects have struggled to get to grips with the complex world of motor insurance, and the implications for health and safety. This is no less true when it comes to driving to, from, and for the purposes of work.
It's been oh so quiet! You should have by now noticed that we have not posted anything in months, and perhaps you thought that we'd either 1) lost interest, 2) been abducted by aliens, or 3) become victims of the recession.
We have a dilemma. We have tentatively booked 15 June for a BCS PROMS-G event in London, however this clashes with the World Cup taking place in South Africa, and time differences aside, we expect interest in and numbers at this event could be adversely affected.
There is much coverage at the moment of the coalition government ending the taxpayer-funded ID card programme, and cancelling or scaling back on a range of other public sector IT projects and programmes that are deemed to be wasteful, unnecessary, underperforming or simply unsupportable in this age of austerity.
Sometimes you are lucky enough to be a Project Manager working on one project. But what happens when, like many of us, you have to work on multiple projects or initiatives at the same time?
Blog entries have been like buses on here. You wait for ages for one, and then three appear in short succession! This one considers the nature of regulation in professional bodies, and ensuring consumer value.
One of the strengths of a good project manager, we are often told, is the ‘helicopter view’. This is the ability to not only work the detail, but stand back to see the big picture, and focus our effort accordingly.

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