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Carnage. That simple. And it is not like there is a purpose or justification behind this, or benefits to the individuals concerned beyond looting and arson. Or am I missing something?
The other weekend, the author of this blog post took a party of about 30 engineers and scientists on a visit to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Geneva. As an out-of-the-ordinary trip (a sort of Wallace and Gromit ‘Grand Day Out’) it was memorable and enjoyable; as an exercise in project management it was, not to overstate things, interesting.
Sometimes there are classic comedy moments that we remember fondly. We revel in their silliness and laugh out loud, and I challenge you to see how many comedic gems you can recognise in this post. Yet sometimes we need to see the serious side. After another damning project failure report on FiReControl, is anyone still laughing?
We shall have a future Queen if she is the first-born child. There hopefully endeth the royal discrimination. But in the 21st century where women working in IT / project management still face significant challenges, are we any closer to equality of opportunity and gender parity?
Wednesday 30 November 2011 was the biggest day of (public sector) industrial action in a generation. An 'Autumn of Discontent' in a fiscally 'Forgotten Decade'. Did it actually achieve anything?
More scandal, and this time it made the front page of a broadsheet newspaper. It is alleged that some examiners were inappropriately helping teachers to prepare students to get better exam grades. What's wrong with that?
What makes a project complex? And why is complex project management such a hot topic?
The price increases announced by the Royal Mail are steep. One reason given is that a fall in revenue has necessitated the price increases. However, is there an argument that price increases have reduced revenue?
PROMS-G will be 21 years old in 2013, and we are looking to put together an event to celebrate this fact.
It has been a while since I posted here, my apologies. I have been writing a book. Nothing like the eponymous one in the title, I have not read it, although there is a copy being read by somebody else in my household...

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