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Independent consultant and time management author, Pat Brans
This book is very closed aligned to the BCS certification. Does the industry need another certification?
I’m a business analyst, and I see a lot of adverts for agile BAs, what defines their role?
Following the launch event for our Agile Foundations book, these questions focus on the benefits of understanding all agile frameworks and dealing with shared resources.
'A great read for every manager and leader embarking on an Agile journey.'
We’d like to know which business book(s) you’ve read recently, and why...
Win a copy of Information Risk Management
You don’t have to be in charge to be a leader. You can demonstrate leadership skills at any level.
An illustration of one instance in which information was accessed or used inappropriately.
The kind of expectation you get from buying a new car seems not to apply to new software installations.

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