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Let us know if one of our books could help with your CPD planning for next year, and you might win it in our latest competition.
Win a copy of Information Security Management Principles and Information Risk Management
Dr Robina Chatham, author of The Art of IT Management, takes us back to the beginning of her career to reflect on the roots of her success...
Seven years ago, a talk given to the UK Chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) became the catalyst for one of the most useful and bestselling books for today’s business analysts.
Business Analysis is an imperative tool for the success of any business and can be applied to any field. Having always had an analytical mind, I was pleased to land in a field that satisfies my inquisitive nature and matches my personality.
Wendy Goucher, author of Information Security Auditor, has met more auditors than most of us will in a lifetime - so can she dispel a myth or two…?
The London Book Fair is always an enjoyable event and, if you love books like we do, it’s one you should try to get to at least once.
Organisations often have their own variants of the Balanced Business Scorecard (BBS), reflecting aspects of the organisation that are particularly important and that need to be monitored.

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