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At the end of September, after months of planning, The BCS and Computing UK IT Awards judging day took place at the Madejski Stadium in Reading. Every year, the event attracts an amazing amount of talent and innovation in terms of entries to the awards, and this year was no exception.
Having joined BCS in September 2014, I've now had a chance to see BCS in action. I've seen plenty of good things that we can build on.
To conflate a recent Martha Lane Fox quote with a famous Winston Churchill speech - never has a tool given so much to so many for so little effort. Of course, Lane Fox was referring to the internet.
Launching our 2015 UK IT Industry Awards, has given me time to reflect on the role these Awards play in recognising excellence and innovation - the cornerstones of our profession.
It was Elvis Costello that sang ‘Everyday I write the book’. Well sometimes we benefit from just reading them...
Now the dust has started to settle after the general election, we are ramping up our efforts to make IT better for society - from key events, to briefing government.
IT plays a massive part in all organisations today, and in society as a whole. That role extends far beyond the technology itself; business reputation rests on customer experience, and that experience is often underpinned by visible and invisible technology - whether it’s online secure shopping, banking or ensuring that logistics work efficiently. IT is behind it all.
I have been watching the Volkswagen situation unfold with a kind of morbid fascination. I'm going to start by saying that I'm not an automotive software engineer so can't comment on what the embedded software in a car's "black box" is capable of; nor do I want to get embroiled in the "twitstorm" that is much better handled by the regular media.
Yesterday I was named in the UKtech50. This is an honour. The UKtech50 is about recognising people who are driving the creation of a high-tech economy and who are influential. Influence is clearly a subjective thing, more about that later.
The purpose of the Institute should be made clear and unambiguous, so the executive team, the boards, council and I have worked together to renew our sense of purpose and add new strategic pillars to support it. We decided that, first and foremost we should be: ‘Making IT good for society.’

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