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When you come to build your website, or any website for that matter, which one is better? Should you use a framework you’ve built yourself from scratch so that you know it inside out, or should you use one of the many different web development frameworks out there to help ease the process and speed up the development time you spend whilst building your next website? Christopher S. East MBCS explores the issues.
The microservices architecture style took the enterprise software world by storm in the past few years, writes Chamal Nanayakkara.
Kavita Kapoor MBCS talks about running a hack and inspiring young people to code.
Paul Nebel explores a technique for making your code robust, expressive and easy to understand. All you’ll need to do is give up some old habits and think a little differently.
As a techno optimist I ran headlong into developing stuff on the internet, convinced that we were doing ‘good’. 20 some years later the results I would say are mostly good. However, fake news and cyber warfare are giving my optimism a beating. No more so than in the cry of ‘automation will take our jobs and leave humanity destitute’.
Barely a day passes when there is no fresh news of another data breach. In the digital age information is like money and therefore worth stealing. It now matters when information that is valuable is handled without due care as it can be spread around the world to large numbers of people with ease.
When recording an event, making sure you capture the information your audience wants to hear and look at is all important. Using modern technology, this is more than possible.
Anuradha Udunuwara, of the BCS Internet Specialist Group, asks: can we program everything in a Telco environment?
Christopher East, from BCS Internet Specialist Group, discusses sound issues in a perfection obsessed multi-media society.
If you have worked with representational state transfer (REST) APIs, you may have heard of the Richardson Maturity Model. It provides a classification for APIs based on their level of conformity to the REST architectural style.

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