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Toby Leheup MBCS sent in some interesting thoughts on BCS’s ‘computing ideas for good’ project. Here, he has written a guest blogpost on his thoughts.
The greatness of BCS is in the breadth of its membership and, while I cannot claim to have met all 70 odd thousand of you, those I have met have strong and interesting views. We want to get, and use, more of them.
One of the first discussions to take off in the new BCS Voices area is around our smart-phone and app-enabled predilection to swap details about ourselves for ‘free’ services.
There has been plenty of discussion on the BCS Voices discussion area on the Wannacry ransomware event... it has focused on the NHS because of BCS’s straddling of both security and health and care issues - although the actual incident was, of course, much wider.
To say that the first tranche of BCS members’ feedback on our new ‘Computing ideas for a better society’ project reflects variety would be an understatement.
Jim Reeves outlines an idea for a website that could help families and friends communicate with each other in times of disaster.
We have more ideas from you good folks to making IT good... from using advertising methods to shame people into being green to reimagining how children can be taught with elearning.
Kevin Chalmers MBCS reports from a BCS Voices event that asked: Do we trust ourselves and our services to deliver in the digital age?
BCS members have so far submitted many ideas, each with a differing size and scope. Today we have a distinct societal slant to the suggestions - but also an enthusiastic ten-year-old gives some tips on saving the NHS money!
The latest round of ideas for good covers education, health, retail and more...

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