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I once was called a street project manager. It was by my boss at the time, in answer to my question as to why I had been given a particular project rather than someone in the team who had far more experience.
I’ve long felt that how we deal with personal data will be the defining evolution of citizenship for our age; an issue in need of a Magna Carta moment. It’s easy to say such things, as they are difficult to prove or dispute.
There is a lot going on around personal data at the moment, everything from Edward Snowden to TalkTalk to Safe Harbour to China’s implementation of Orwell’s 1984 in beta, and so on.
BCS has never been against digital surveillance - even on a population-scale - as a matter of principle. This is an area that often puts us at odds with the tech zeitgeist, which tends to be a bit more on the liberal side of the spectrum.
Bob Wachter - a leading physician from the USA - is today presenting his recommendations for the digital future of the NHS in England.
I am writing to you on behalf of the BCS, the Chartered Institute of IT, with regard to the Science and Technology Committee’s report ‘The Big Data Dilemma’. I would like to meet in person with you to share our ideas for bringing to life the Committee’s recommendations and I was particularly interested in the idea of a ‘Council of Data Ethics’.
David Evans looks at the excruciating dilemma in a broken data system.
BCS is here to make IT good for society, and the result of the referendum on UK membership of the European Union will have significant long term implications for IT in the UK, and for how IT affects UK society.
Following up from the initial statements on the EU referendum, we're looking to start a series of dialogues amongst BCS members, and with partners / stakeholders, to help ensure a prosperous and thriving future.
The announcement in the Queen’s speech that we will see a bill with a new obligation for a minimum 10Mbps service for everyone sounds good. The details will need to emerge, but a great many BCS members who live beyond big cities will welcome this; ask any such group of members about this topic and prepare for a lengthy rant!

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