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In recent weeks, the general public have seen hospitals turning away ambulances and airport terminals grinding to a halt because of confusing and murky ‘IT’ issues. The explanations for these events are increasingly unsatisfactory, if taken through the eyes of the general public.
'If this is the worst thing that's ever happened, we''d be doing pretty well.'
Can Shakespeare continue to maintain relevance into the next decade?
Speed and efficiency isn't always a good thing.
When data needs to be up to date and accurate...
'BCS branches helping make a difference'
'Why we need Information Sharing Orders'
I know that for many of you, Google Wave is sooo last month, blogging is soooo 1999 and email was around before you were born and therefore probably invented by the Romans. But for a crusty old 34 year old who has just gained access to the Wave preview, it is quite exciting.

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