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Sometimes there are memes I’ve never heard of, which I suppose fits in with their definition.
Here are some things that caught my less than photographic eye at CES 2015, but you'll get the gist. Are they useless or do they have utility? Your call.
So, am I still getting benefit from my Twitter account I hear you ask?
Been ill lately? Embedding technology properly in health services is not only important, but can impact us personally. Yet, the abbreviation NPfIT struck fear into people for years...
Google Wave has tremendous ambition. Everything done via a browser. It's a kind of live email, IM, document editing photo sharing tool - and that description probably does it a disservice.
'What was it that grabbed your imagination in IT? What has done it lately?'
Wanna host a Windows 7 party? The marketing of IT can make you cringe - and I don't just mean the frankly awful Windows 7 party stuff.
Well I've had the opportunity to play with Wave for a few days...
This year's BCS Machine Intelligence Prize entries show how cool IT can be.
I had the privilege of interviewing Sir Tim Berners-Lee again last month.

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