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Music companies, always renowned for their support of the little man and logical business models, still haven't got to grips with the web. Amazing isn't it?
I've been sent a lot of iPod touch accessories to review and it got me to thinking about the difference between cool devices and ones with actual utility.
I've never bothered with Firefox, lazy I suppose, but all my IT chums tell me how marvellous it is, so when the new version came out I downloaded it and decided to put it up against IE7. What did I find?
Is Firefox really any different? My last post got a lot of feedback, so here goes with a little head-above-parapet controversy action.
Is the quick-read/Wikipedia-checking/information-now/skim-over-it/RSS-aggregating culture affecting our ability to take in deeper information?
Should we all have wind-up devices, is that too extreme? What does IT need to be green?
Technology is always at its most interesting when people do strange things with it, or subvert it.
In BBC TV's new thriller The Last Enemy is not death as per 1 Corinthians 15 v 26, but 24/7 surveillance.
Is it fun or just uncomfortable to watch someone squirm? Those of us who attended the MediaGuardian Changing Media Summit 2008 had time to ponder this question.
So many dreams, so much sexism.

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