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'...and let the heart decide. Thomas Dolby - around 1981. When we look at green issues it often comes back to power.'
'We know Amazon is offering cheapie current albums as MP3 downloads, but I was more interested in ''legacy'' artists - how''s that for a nasty music/IT expression mash-up (and there's another!)?'
There seem to be only two reactions to AI/robotics/nanotechnology: ''Everything''s gonna be great'' or ''we''re all going to die''.
What is the cloud? Is it utility computing, software as a service, a huge bank of physical datacentres, a marketing term used to drive business ends - or a juicy mixture of all this and more?
It's always interesting when someone comes up with a new way of using a technology.
I've been reading a bit about Marshall McLuhan's assertion that the medium is the message.
IT moves quicker than a greased pig on a WD-40 soaked glass mountain.
'The BBC ran a recent story on the top ten misunderstood tech terms.'
I'm always pleased when I get good comments on a post, and last week's foray into the murky world of jargon got some witty replies.
'I haven''t blogged about Spotify yet. Or about the fact that ‘Spotify’ seems destined to join ‘blog’ as a noun that is now also a verb. But that''s for another time.'

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