RSS - BCS: Latest Video Debates
  • Cyber Security Summit
    At the Cyber Security Summit 2014, we hosted a panel debate which looked at the security threats of today and the issues of tomorrow.
  • Mark Pearson
    Mark Pearson, the founder of, is an entrepreneur who is using his experience and finances to help develop new companies.
  • David Galsworthy
    Co-working is one option for new companies as they offer many benefits. David Galsworthy and Alex Rabarts explain how Techspace London works and five companies give their take on starting new businesses.
  • Toby Kress
    Get an insight into how a leading startup incubator works with interviews with accelerator head Toby Kress and three startups based within it.
  • Paul Excell
    Paul Excell explains what the BCS's Entrepreneurs Specialist Group is and also talks about the situation in the UK for startups.
  • Sara Hill
    Our panel of experts discuss the skills shortage that’s posing very real risks to the business potential of IT.
  • The 2014 BCS Karen Sparck Jones Lecture was given by Professor Dame Wendy Hall. The title of her talk was ‘How to enjoy a career in computing: the power of networks’.
  • Women in IT debate (Gillian Arnold)
    Rebecca George, Gillian Arnold and Sue Sumner recently took part in a roundtable discussion about the lack of women in IT.