The Society Medal is back for its second year and with a twist! For 2021 only we want this award to recognise someone who is making IT good for society through a green lens! 2021 sees the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) being held in Glasgow and climate change was at the forefront of discussions at this year’s G7 summit in Cornwall.

The 2021 Society medal winner will be an individual who has made, or continues to make, an outstanding contribution to green IT. For example, they might be an influencer working in journalism, technology or social policy, or they might be a campaigner or organisational leader working to ensure that sustainable computing is at the heart of the future in tech.

Nominees need not be academically acclaimed nor have reached senior management positions. What is important is that their work and values have contributed to enhancing the reputation and contribution of green IT. As such they should be widely respected and known for their work to support greener IT, and they will possibly not be working in a formal IT role.

The winner will be a strong supporter of BCS’s mission to make IT good for society. We can officially recognise and thank them for their ingenuity thanks to our Royal Charter.

What is green IT?

Green IT is using digital technology and their resources in an environmentally responsible and eco-friendly efficient manner.

The term is very broad, although mostly recognised as the learning behind creating, engineering, producing, using, and disposing of computers and computing devices in a fashion that has minimal environmental effect, it covers a much wider remit.

This also includes, but is not limited to, the contribution to the global drive to Net Zero through the development of digital and data technologies to reduce emissions.

How do I nominate for the Society Medal?

We're open for nominations until 19 November 2021. Nominees need not be members of BCS, however the person nominating them must be a BCS member.

Eligible candidates

Nominations are considered from all backgrounds and all sectors across the UK. The medal will be awarded to a nominee who is involved in any areas of green IT that reflects the broad objectives and focus of the BCS.

Nominations need to have a broad outline of the nominees work but will not be at a disadvantage if  a full description of the nominees work cannot be provided.

Rules for submission

Entries need to include the following information:

  1. The full name and contact details of the nominator and their BCS membership number
  2. The name of the nominee, and whether they have been contacted with regards to their nomination (if they have/have not there are no advantages / disadvantages)
  3. A description of how you believe the nominee’s work has contributed to the IT sectors Green IT agenda (up to 500 words), supported by evidence if possible.
  4. Where possible a verifiable summary of the nominee’s career and key achievements - for example via Linkedin, news coverage or corporate communications published on websites of their associated organisations.

Submit your nomination

Please use this form to submit your nomination.  

If you have any further questions, please contact us at

Winners and finalists

Find out who’s received this prestigious medal.

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