You’re using tech to solve problems and improve lives. But our industry is facing serious ethical challenges, with unintended consequences overshadowing great tech and impacting people’s trust.

The BCS community is driving up ethical and professional standards across the tech sector and addressing the big issues facing our digital lives. Together, we’re changing the story.

I don't prioritise professionalism... what’s the worst that could happen?

Career stagnation

Professional credentials give you the edge employers are looking for in the competitive tech market

Unethical tech

Without professional standards, corners get cut and profits prioritised over safe and fair practices

Trust breakdown

We’re not just talking about your customers — the public at large will lose faith in the technology and the people behind it

Your profession needs you

To raise standards and build trust, the profession needs everyone on board.

At BCS, we're rallying the digital community to tackle the big challenges head-on. Whether you're joining as a member, taking a BCS course or diving into our policy jams, you're showing you're serious about doing tech right.

It's not just about getting ahead. It’s about giving back and making a real impact in the industry — because it feels good knowing you’re a part of something bigger.

of technologists think recognised standards are vital for demonstrating their ethical credentials

BCS Ethics in AI survey, Sept 23

of IT professionals disagree with Musk's view that AI will render all work unnecessary

BCS AI and Digital in Business Life survey, Feb 24

of members fear AI-generated fakes may affect the result of the upcoming UK General Election

BCS members' pulse survey, Apr 24

of tech professionals have themselves faced an ethical challenge in their work during the past year

BCS Ethics in AI survey, Sept 23

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