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Our courses

BCS Foundation Certificate in the Ethical Build of AI

It goes beyond theoretical knowledge, letting you apply what you’ve learnt through real-life case studies and interviews followed by AI-marked activities

Green IT

Looking to cut carbon emissions by using technology more sustainably? Our three short online modules show you how to make fast and impactful changes throughout your organisation.

Developing an Agile mindset

Businesses and individuals need to be more agile, adaptable and resilient than ever, and our 90-minute interactive module teaches you how to apply the most valuable aspects of an Agile mindset.

An introduction to information security

In this 90-minute interactive online module, you’ll learn about the principles of protecting information while ensuring it can still fulfil its purpose.

The principles of information security architecture

Information security architecture is the blueprint for the structure, processes and controls that protect information. It’s critical to managing risk and ensuring information systems function securely.

Making a case for an information security management system

Protecting your organisation’s information and systems relies on a comprehensive and proactive strategy. However, securing decision makers’ support to implement security controls can be a challenge.

Digital leadership: Communication and influence

We’ve all heard how important it is to communicate, collaborate, and show empathy when it comes to leading teams effectively. But what do these things look like in practice?