Our priorities

We are constantly working to address the digital challenges facing our society to ensure technology’s impact is positive for everyone.

As BCS emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic we have identified four key themes that we as the professional body for IT need to focus on to ensure we are making IT good for society.

The BCS President is working with the BCS policy team to streamline activity under four themes and campaign goals agreed and signed off by the BCS Trustee Board and Council which are:

  • Our digital lives should be in the hands of competent, ethical, and accountable professionals.
  • Greater diversity and inclusion in the IT profession benefit society.
  • The digital divide is a modern measure of inequality; it can be closed by access to skills as well as technology.
  • The world will achieve net zero more rapidly with support of digital and data technologies.

Supporting Ukraine

BCS is about making IT good for society. That means offering practical help by opening our networks, expertise, and facilities to all technologists from Ukraine at this time.

We also want to go further. Membership of our community and the support that comes with it (at no cost) is now open to any IT professional displaced or affected by international conflict.

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Partner with us

We regular partner with other organisations, seeking their views and expertise. Email the policy team directly: policyhub@bcs.uk or contact us

Key policy stakeholders we work with:

As the professional body for information technology, we have partnerships and associations with other organisations and bodies across the sector. 

BCS is an active member of: