Our priorities

Health and social care

Imagine a healthcare system that’s under significantly less pressure. A system where practitioners have more time to focus on patients; where illnesses are detected earlier; and where people are empowered to take control of their own wellbeing. The health and care sector has begun its digital journey, but it lags far behind other industries.

Help us to:

  • support developers to build robust and safe systems for storing patient information
  • provide a safe environment in which patients can access their medical information
  • ensure data-driven medicine is used for good
  • empower healthcare professionals by giving them the chance to develop their digital skills


The UK currently faces a major IT skills deficit and we’re struggling to keep up with the pace of digital change. Education is the power tool we must use to kickstart innovation and sustain our future in the industry. 

Help us to:

  • engage young people with IT and encourage them to consider a career in the field
  • influence education policy so it includes programming, coding and algorithm skills
  • revise the curriculum to keep up with digital advancements
  • improve the quality of IT education by supporting teachers

AI and ethics

AI has the potential to make our lives easier, healthier and more fulfilled. It also poses threats that we don’t even fully understand yet. As tech companies develop AI machines, we’re contemplating the ethics of their advances.

Help us to:

  • influence policy to make sure AI is used for good – not for harm
  • set guidelines for how AI should be created to minimise bias
  • establish standards to avoid artificial stupidity
  • support companies to build safe machines that are secure against outsider attacks

Cyber security

More of our personal information is stored digitally than ever before, opening the doors to closer connections between people, and stronger relationships between organisations and their customers. But this also raises the risk of cyberattack, with more at stake than ever before.

Help us to:

  • raise awareness of the risks - for individuals and businesses
  • set standards of conduct for cyber security professionals
  • support organisations in developing robust strategies to tackle their cyber challenges
  • embed security best practice across the industry

Get involved

Work collaboratively with other members to disentangle relevant and important digital issues and share ideas on how we can influence change. Join the conversation and play your part in transforming our digital world for the better.

Could your opinion shape public policy?

We’re regularly consulted by government and other key bodies on professional, ethical and economic issues affecting the IT industry. From Brexit and data protection to the IoT, unconscious bias and everything in between, you can directly influence and shape policy by taking part in the debate.

Whether you’re a BCS member or not, your contribution is always welcome. If you're interested in knowing more about our policy work, get in touch with our team at policyhub@bcs.uk.