BCS helps to find solutions to the big public policy questions where AI is used - from facial recognition technology, recruitment, health care and logistics. BCS believes that developing and maintaining a diverse and inclusive AI sector is central to reducing bias in machine learning and delivering AI applications that are fit-for-purpose and developed by professionals that are representative of our society.

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BCS regularly polls IT professionals and members on topical issues. Our surveys are one way that we listen to our members opinions and this helps to form our policies on major areas of public policy. This year we found that cyber security is the main issue that keeps senior manager awake at night.
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"Given the potential impact of AI on so much of the modern world, it is essential that all AI practitioners have the competencies necessary to ethically design, ethically develop, ethically deploy, ethically manage and ethically maintain AI products and services."

Dr Bill Mitchell, BCS Director of Policy
Scaling up the Ethical Artificial Intelligence MSc. Pipeline

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