Like many other industries, there are complex and wide-ranging challenges we need to address. At BCS we are committed to improving equality, diversity and inclusion together with the rest of the industry.

BCS commitments

BCS’s slogan is ‘Making IT good for society’, therefore it is our responsibility, as the professional body for IT, to ensure the chartered professionals in our industry are representative and diverse, especially as the future talent pipeline emerges.

Join in

Discover BCS membership! You will be joining a thriving community of IT professionals and benefits include access to regular events, conferences, meetings, as well the chance to join our members’ groups such as EMBRACE.

Share your support

BCS regularly polls IT professionals and members on topical issues. Our surveys are one way that we listen to our members’ opinions and this helps to form our positions on major areas of public policy. Keep a look out for polls around diversity and inclusion.

Get involved

Do you want to know more about our policy work or have views about diversity in tech policy you would like to share? Would your organisation like to get involved with our STEM research or carry out a joint campaign with BCS? If so, we want to hear from you! To share your opinions and to find out more about partnering with us, get in touch at

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