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Secure a pipeline of promising talent that will grow with your organisation.

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Give every employee the digital skills they need to perform at their best.

Join forces with BCS to:

Build diverse, high-performing digital teams

Benchmark your capabilities against industry standards

Retain talent through supportive progression routes 

Join a community of digital leaders and influence the skills agenda

BCS leads the way in the digital disciplines organisations value most. With our support, you can create tailored digital development plans for each employee that continually adapt to the needs of your business. Explore our range of solutions below.

Organisational membership

BCS membership fuels career progression throughout your organisation. It helps you attract, retain and develop the talent that makes digital transformation possible.

Becoming a member bolsters your reputation as a tech thought leader and a good employer. What’s more, it places you at the heart of a global network of forward-thinking organisations and experts, giving your team valuable opportunities to learn and collaborate.

As part of your membership, you’ll also gain access to our continuous professional development platform. From sustainable IT practices to machine learning, our short and engaging modules introduce professionals to the latest digital thinking to support their career progression.

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Digital skills mapping

Our skills mapping platform, RoleModelplus, aligns your digital talent with the needs of your organisation. It empowers IT leaders, learning and development teams, and HR departments to make smart decisions when it comes to digital growth.

The platform reveals your current digital capabilities and shows you how to plug skills gaps to deliver your business objectives. Use it to build role profiles and career pathways that support progression planning as well as new recruitment.

By mapping individuals against an agreed framework, you can clearly show expectations and progression routes for all team members. This leads to more motivated employees with the skills to grow your organisation.

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Professional certification

With a choice of more than 60 certificates in ten disciplines, you can develop digital employees whatever their experience level. Our globally recognised certifications are designed by industry experts to address employers’ current and future demands. They equip team members to bring your most ambitious goals to life while meeting the highest standards.

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Apprenticeship assessment

Offer new and existing employees cost-effective training through one of the 25 digital apprenticeship standards we assess. As a leading end-point assessment organisation, we’ve assessed the majority of digital apprenticeships – more than 20,000 apprentices – so you can rely on us for all the support you need to succeed.

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Accredit your own tech programmes

Want to have your own learning and development recognised by the professional body for IT? Dev10 accreditation ensures your programmes are capable of developing, engaging and attracting digital talent throughout your organisation. With training that meets rigorous industry standards, your teams can reach their full potential more quickly.

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Tech teams work with us in every sector

BCS supports digital transformation in organisations around the world, helping them create diverse and progressive technology teams aligned with innovative IT strategy.

What people say about partnering with BCS

BCS is a supportive, proactive and highly accessible partner. They expertly tailor their service to our needs, allowing us to work collaboratively on ideas and solutions that are in the best interests of our apprentices.

Nichola Hay MBE

Estio Training

We could see that people had technical expertise, knowledge and experience but they weren’t actually plugged into the right job. Through engagement with BCS, we have broadened our capability. We have strengthened our capability.

Group IT Director

Leading automotive company