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Map your skills and identify your goals along your career path by following the SFIAplus industry-standard framework


SFIAplus Level 3

At foundation level you can carry out a broad range of tasks, use your initiative and schedule your own and other people’s work.

SFIAplus Level 4

At practitioner level you have a good level of operational business skills and can work on a broad range of complex activities.

SFIAplus Level 5

At professional level you are self-sufficient and can influence the company you work for, often creating bold and innovative work.

SFIAplus Level 6

At consultant level you initiate and lead technical and business change, and are an authority for an area of work in your business.

SFIAplus Level 7

At expert level you have a full range of management and leadership skills and make decisions that are critical to your organisation.

An apprentice’s journey doesn’t stop once the scheme has finished, this is only the beginning as an IT Professional.

Satveer Kaur-Singh
Business Analyst, AXA Insurance