Software testing certification portfolio

SFIAplus level 3

At foundation level you can carry out a broad range of tasks, use your initiative and schedule your own and other people's work.

Why choose software testing certification from BCS?

At BCS, we understand the immense transformation the software testing industry is experiencing. For testers, staying relevant and in demand in an agile business is about showing you can adapt and contribute to fast-changing environments.

With the increasing use of automation and integration tools, it’s more important than ever to keep your technical knowledge up to date. While being able to demonstrate exceptional soft skills - including team-working and communication - is just as vital.

The BCS software testing certification pathway equips you with skills and techniques you need to thrive in the complex software testing landscape. Our broad range of courses allow you to develop your competencies in line with your organisation’s specific approaches to software and systems development.

Whatever your preferred learning style, BCS certification offers formats to suit, including self-study and classroom training. Explore new testing tools and methods, and learn how to identify improvements to optimise quality and efficiency in your organisation.

In addition, when you achieve BCS software testing certification you benchmark your capabilities against the globally recognised professional testing standard, setting yourself apart as an expert in your field and an asset to any progressive tech team.