As our world makes more and more digital advancements, it’s vital that every generation learns how to use technology safely, ethically and effectively.

It’s our mission at BCS to make IT good for society, which means ensuring children from all learning environments have access to the digital literacy skills they need to thrive. Which is why we now provide a range of home education resources and qualifications, so you can confidently teach your children computing and kickstart their digital journey. At present home education is not available internationally.

What do we offer?

We have a number of qualifications available, designed for children from age nine. We’ve collaborated with teachers on the material, making sure the programmes are fun, engaging, and effective. From courses designed for children with little or no digital literacy, to courses that cover more advanced and specialist skills, there’s something for every young mind to learn and enjoy.

Why choose one of our courses?

  • You’ll be teaching your child how to use today’s technology safely and effectively — skills that will see them through to their adult life and future career
  •  You can tailor the courses to suit your child’s abilities and make sure they’re not only gaining new skills but building the foundation for their ongoing development
  • After completing an exam, your child will gain an industry recognised Ofqual-regulated qualification, that proves their knowledge and digital competency

ICDL Essentials

BCS Level 1 Award in IT User Skills (ICDL Essentials)

An excellent introduction into the world of technology. The units explore the basics of using a computer, email, and the internet, with an emphasis on how they’re used safely and productively.

ICDL Core & ICDL Extra

BCS Level 2 Certificates in IT User Skills (ICDL Core & ICDL Extra).

  • ICDL Core focuses on improving understanding of computers
  • ICDL Extra focuses on improving understanding of computer applications

ICDL Advanced

BCS Level 3 Certificate in IT User Skills (ICDL Advanced)

Once your child has good foundational digital knowledge, ICDL Advanced is the next step to help develop their existing skills to support future workplace demands.

More about ICDL qualifications

Thinking as a Coder

BCS Level 2 Thinking as a Coder Award

An early introduction for young people into the essential computational thinking and coding skills that support the creation of simple computer programs.

More about Thinking as a Coder

Smart Digital

BCS Level 1 Smart Digital Award in e-Safety

Covering the fundamentals of using digital devices and applications — specifically the main concepts and skills needed to use them securely, safely, and effectively.

More about Smart Digital


How much will it cost?

Prices vary depending on which qualification you choose, find the full list of prices including exam invigilation fees here.

Does my child have to take the exam to access the course material?

No. But they’ll need to take the exam to complete the qualification and receive their certificate. All exam fees are also included in the qualification cost.

How do I book an exam as a home educator?

Exams are held remotely at your home. When your child is ready to take their exam, give our customer service team a call to discuss exam booking availability - +44(0)1793 417417

What if my child doesn't pass the exam?

Don’t worry! If your child doesn’t pass their exam first time, they’ll be able to take a resit which you can purchase by contacting customer service.

Do any of the courses match the computer science national curriculum?

Yes, Thinking as a Coder.

Can I still access the course and exams if my child needs reasonable adjustments?

A reasonable adjustment is an action taken to help a student with a learning difficulty and/or disability take part in their education on the same basis as their peers.

If your child needs reasonable adjustments for their exam, please complete the form below and submit before booking an exam.

Reasonable adjustments form

Can I cancel or change my exam booking?

You can, here’s our exam cancellation policy with more details.