Whether you’re looking to upskill or simply stay on top of the regulations and guidelines, these learning programmes are essential for anyone in a data or information security role. Understand how to align your organisation with the latest industry standards, frameworks and best practices so you can support a more robust level of information security and compliance.

From the principles of information security management and the basics of blockchain, to the NCSC’s Certified Cyber Professional (CCP) assured service, our pathway lets you build your knowledge from foundation to subject matter expert in your chosen field.

Information security and data protection

SFIAplus level 2

At essentials level, you can work under supervision to carry out a range of activities independently, monitor your own work in short timeframes and absorb technical information.

SFIAplus level 3

At foundation level you can carry out a broad range of tasks, use your initiative and schedule your own and other people’s work.

SFIAplus level 4 - 5

At practitioner level you have a good level of operational business skills and can work on a broad range of complex activities.

Information assurance certification