Your business depends on your tech people to work smart and deliver their full potential in order to meet your business-critical priorities. But how do you know what their potential is and do your staff have the career guidance to know where their work will take them and how it aligns with your strategy?

What is RoleModelplus?

RoleModelplus is BCS' own skills mapping platform, built to layout for IT leaders, learning and development leads and HR departments exactly what digital skills exist within your organisation.

Build role profiles, career pathways and demonstrate development opportunities for your staff, all built around the SFIAplus framework, or input your own frameworks and taxonomies such as DDaT.

Workforce planning. Simplified.

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Inspire career conversations

By mapping your staff against an agreed framework in RoleModelplus, you make their opportunities for advancement crystal clear.

Demonstrate the skills and traits they need to develop in order to progress or show them job roles or career opportunities their skillset suits that they may never have considered before, all aligned to industry-agreed standards.

Streamline my L&D spend

Ever feel like you’re struggling to prove ROI when upskilling your staff? Too much time and money are wasted sending individuals on training courses they will never bring the skills you need to align with your business objectives.

Using RoleModelplus to align your staff’s development against a consistent framework will show you and your team the exact skills they need to develop in order to meet objectives, deliver key projects and progress their careers. Enhancing this with SFIAplus will even provide you with the exact courses and certifications you should be providing to invest efficiently and effectively in your team’s development.

Provide a clear and consistent language for staff development

RoleModelplus is built around the SFIAplus framework, which was developed by BCS to bring the internationally recognised SFIA framework to life, adding detailed training and development resources.

Now updated inline with SFIA version 8, Browse SFIAplus provides an in-depth look into the knowledge and skills needed for an IT professional to succeed in the industry today. For each SFIA skill at each level, SFIAplus offers seven additional task definitions and six additional skills resources. What this means in practice is that both employers and practitioners are able to identify career pathways and plan development aligned with business transformation.

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BCS has been conducting skills audits and working with organisations of all sizes on their workforce planning requirements for more than 10 years.

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Will SFIAplus work with my team?

Learn more about BCS' enhanced industry framework and how you can apply it within your business.

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More benefits of using RoleModelplus

  • Creation of specific and targeted job profiles
  • Effective transfer of internal skills between projects and areas
  • Access to online software tools for identifying and measuring your skills gaps
  • Greater awareness of your team’s profile as a business enabler
  • Engaged, committed and forward-looking employees
  • Recognition of latent skills and capabilities within the team