We support the teaching of rigorous and relevant computer science across the academic spectrum, from primary school to university, and act as an advocate for the importance of computing as an academic subject and a vocation, support the teaching of computing from primary school to university, and support the thriving digital apprenticeship sector. 

Everyone, from whatever ethnic or social group, has the fundamental right to a computing education that results in them being:

  • Equipped with the computational thinking skills to understand and change the world for the better.
  • Effective at applying digital technologies:
    • to help realise their dreams and ambitions
    • to enhance their talents and creativity
    • to develop and express their thoughts and ideas in compelling, concise ways that others can readily appreciate and adopt
    • and to collaborate purposefully with others online.
  • Able to fully participate as informed and safe digital citizens in every aspect of society.

BCS landscape review: Computing qualifications in the UK

BCS is committed to improving the education of computer science and have therefore produced a landscape review of the current computing qualifications in the UK. This BCS report draws together information about participation and achievement by young people across the four nations of the UK.

Some of the key findings from the report:

  • Participation in computing across secondary education is stable or improving
  • Girls, on average are outnumbered six to one by boys across computing education
  • If young women do choose computing, they generally outperform their male counterparts

Read the review here

Download the PDF version of the report

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