BCS launches multimedia campaign to celebrate our digital journey to net zero
24 November 2022

BCS launches new scheme to enable disadvantaged young people to access careers in tech
24 November 2022

BCS response to the Autumn Statement
17 November 2022

IT Ukraine Association chief awarded BCS Fellowship, for leading wartime growth
11 November 2022

Thousands of black women ‘missing’ from the IT industry, report warns
27 October 2022

BCS pledges closer ties with Ukraine's tech sector
26 October 2022

Can the UK ‘replace’ GDPR and still keep data adequacy with the EU?
13 October 2022

Light touch approach to AI regulation welcomed by IT industry body
7 October 2022

Rashik Parmar becomes new Chief Executive of BCS
17 August 2022

Online Safety Bill 'not fit for purpose', say tech experts
12 August 2022

BCS cyber expert comments on ongoing ransomware attack on NHS IT provider
11 August 2022

New Data Scientists' awards welcomed by the National Statistician
11 July 2022

Government’s NFT and stablecoin plans met with scepticism from tech experts, survey finds
7 July 2022

Record numbers of students choose Computer Science A Level in 2022
22 June 2022

Creating a ‘clinical satnav’ for doctors will save lives, say digital health experts
21 June 2022

BCS members well-represented amongst Computer Weekly's long list of the UK's influential tech leaders
10 June 2022

Computer Scientist and Educationalist, Prof Simon Peyton Jones to receive OBE
1 June 2022

BCS and CWP to create innovative digital series on net zero
24 May 2022

Tech sector shows strong post-pandemic recovery
11 May 2022

Hire Ukrainian tech professionals to support the country - urge IT bodies
27 April 2022

Demonising algorithms won’t protect children from social media harm, BCS warns in response to the Online Safety Bill
17 March 2022

Mayank Prakash announced as President of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
16 March 2022

AI adoption in the workplace will keep firms competitive, according to a new book from the professional body for IT
7 February 2022

Met Office CEO awarded BCS Society Medal for outstanding contribution to green tech
25 January 2022

Online Safety Bill needs to do more to convince parents, warns the Institute for IT
14 December 2021

SME firm triumphs at BCS backed National Apprenticeship Awards
2 December 2021

Paul Fletcher to leave BCS at the end of the year
18 November 2021

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT announces partnership with Jamaica Technology and Digital Alliance
18 November 2021

Call for minimum digital living standard - by professional body for IT
16 November 2021

Meeting net zero target depends on better emissions data – warns IT industry
10 November 2021

Cutting global electronic waste must be a top priority for COP26 - BCS survey
27 October 2021

Human review of AI decisions needs legal protection, says IT industry body
13 October 2021

Seven steps to reset IT management
16 September 2021

Copying China's gaming ban would harm UK children, warns BCS expert
9 September 2021

AI Breast Screening needs stronger evidence before it is safe for clinical use - says professional body for IT
2 September 2021

Government’s post-Brexit global data plans must promote ethics as well as trade
27 August 2021

Computing is the fastest growing STEM A level, says professional body for IT
10 August 2021

Call for governments to back IT's ‘powerful role’ in tackling climate change
9 August 2021

Apple's CSAM plan could pave the way for tracking 'political memes and text messages'
6 August 2021

Britain can set 'gold standard' in ethical artificial intelligence - industry report
5 August 2021