Welcome to the Green IT Specialist Group

The objective of the Green IT Specialist Group is to act as a conduit and voice for the relevant IT sustainability agenda. We draw our inputs from the fields of Technology Provides, SMEs, academics, teachers and all those interested in promoting the sustainable use of computing (eg to reduce the use of power and its associated Carbon emissions and the use of non-sustainable sources for materials used in manufacture), as well as to the wider public.

We fully recognize that the world of Technology and Sustainability is in a continues state of development and actively canvas input from any Aspect of the Green Agenda.

Our aim is to promote green computing and address green issues and the adoption of green practices Associated with Information and Communication technologies and services across their lifecycle.

Please keep in touch with us

As a group we are always interested in reaching out to new members and their views. Please feel free to reach out to us via our communication paths.

Latest articles

  • Penguin On Iceberg
    We are promised new digital and technological advances - many now underway - to improve the way we work and live and that with these new innovations we will become a greener, more responsible society. However, as with any kind of advancement there is a price to pay.
  • Circle Of People
    Brandt Dainow, an independent web analyst and doctoral student at the National University of Ireland Maynooth, posits the view that ethics should not just be considered after a product is finished, but should be integral to its very creation.

Upcoming events

Forthcoming events from the Green IT Specialist Group are listed below.

Solent Air Watch - A new take on Citizen Science and IoT
15 June 2017
Joint BCS Hampshire Branch, BCS GreenIT SG and Southampton Solent University event

Is Southampton Water too Polluted? - Modelling and Monitoring Metal Pollution for a Greener Future
27 June 2017
Joint BCS Hampshire Branch, BCS GreenIT SG  and Southampton Solent University event

Events of Interest

Events will be posted when available