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This Specialist Group is particularly relevant to end users of computing equipment, SMEs, academics, teachers and all those interested in promoting the sustainable use of computing (eg to reduce the use of power and its associated Carbon emissions and the use of non-sustainable sources for materials used in manufacture), as well as  to the wider public.

Its aim is to promote green computing and address green issues and the adoption of green practices for Information and Communication technologies and services across their lifecycle, particularly for end users and home users.

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Special Audio Series

Conrad Taylor interviews Guarav MalikThe Green IT SG has been experimenting with creating easy-to-download MP3 podcast files for worldwide distribution. These are not recordings of meetings, but specially created along the lines of popular radio-style genres, with artwork and metadata for your iPod or similar MP3 device. Our first two 'shows' are a short one-to-one interview, and a virtual round table discussion conducted over Skype.
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BCS Green IT SG Work Programmes

If you would like to participate or contribute an idea please email the leader of the one or more workstreams in which you are interested.

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The Green IT Specialist Group committee has set up a public Wikispace to publish material and the latest brief on Determining the energy efficiency of IT systems & services.

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Much of the activity of the Green IT Specialist Group will be associated with BCS Branches, BCS Specialist Groups and other bodies. Events will be held in various locations, including London, Hampshire and Wales.

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