Law Specialist Group

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Welcome to the BCS Law SG website.

The Law SG is a specialist group of the BCS. Through its large, diverse membership the group covers many legal aspects of IT, which include:

  • IT law
  • Communications Law
  • Corporate Chief Information Officer role
  • IT Professionalism
  • In House Legal Advisors in the IT Sector
  • IT Support for Lawyers
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Commercial Arbitration Services
  • IT disputes
  • IT Litigation
  • Regulatory Compliance

  • The Law SG meets from time to time through events and conferences several times a year throughout the country and is addressed by experts in the above fields. The Law SG also publishes articles relating to the law. The Law SG has extensive links with other groups within the BCS.

    Latest article

    This article covers some of the legal aspects that website owners should consider when setting up or updating a website.