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We're delighted that you're interested in applying for Chartered IT Professional status, the benchmark of IT excellence.

Before you apply

If you have not yet looked at the Assessment Criteria section, we recommend you do so carefully, and make use of the tools available to be certain that you are ready to achieve CITP status.

When you're ready, make your application online - we will require the following:

  • Your current CV / resume with any gaps in employment explained
  • Upon applying you will need to complete a personal Experience Statement detailing your experience against the criteria set out in the standard. This will need to cover the areas of autonomy / influence / complexity of work / business skills in more detail than your CV. Take a look at our Guidance document for help on how to complete this statement and you may wish to use our Experience Statement template to prepare your statement in advance of your application. You will then be able to copy and paste your statements into our online application system, although please note that a maximum of 2000 characters can be entered within each section.
  • Details of one or more supporters who can verify your experience
  • Your application fee and membership subscription (if applicable)

You can save your application and return to complete it at any time.

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Resident in India, Mauritius, Pakistan or Sri Lanka? Apply using this login link.

Please note: If you already hold CITP status but do not have a Certificate of Current Competence, please email us at for information on how to submit evidence of CPD to demonstrate current competence.

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Resident in India, Mauritius, Pakistan or Sri Lanka?  Apply using this link.

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'The interview was enjoyable and I felt I was being given constructive assistance rather than a grilling.'

Richard Atkinson MBCS CITP