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    The ability to ensure a business is supported in an effective and efficient manner will not only improve the relationship with the IT department, but support the fast paced world we now live and work in.
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    Win a copy of Information Security Management Principles and Information Risk Management
  • Paul Fletcher
    To conflate a recent Martha Lane Fox quote with a famous Winston Churchill speech - never has a tool given so much to so many for so little effort. Of course, Lane Fox was referring to the internet.

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  • Professor Steve Furber
    Professor Steve Furber CBE FRS FREng talks to BCS Multimedia Editor, Justin Richards prior to giving his BCS Lovelace lecture.
  • BCS Multimedia Editor, Justin Richards talks to Hans O'Sullivan, CEO StorMagic, about the cloud, his views on entrepreneurship, project management, and key industry developments within his field.
  • Brian Runciman MBCS talks to Ian Aitchison, ITSM Product Director, about his service management solutions, the challenges affecting the market and his thoughts on the developments we can expect to see in the near future within his field.

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  • David Galsworthy, CEO TechSpace, and Alex Rabarts, CTO TechSpace, spoke to Henry Tucker MBCS about the co-working space they co-founded and run in London.
  • Data is everywhere. Some of this data is information we voluntarily give away through social media or other online tools, but data is also being generated as a by-product of us simply going about our day to day lives.
  • When Henry Tucker went to CES2014 one of the things he was most impressed by were Audi’s computer controlled cars. You could park them simply by pressing a button on your smartphone.
  • Going green is no longer just a public relations decision, but rather a critical choice for ensuring the continuation of a business. Richard Jenkins, Vice President, Marketing & Strategic Partnerships, RF Code, explains why ignoring data centre sustainability affects more than just your business.