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  • Brian Runciman
    September ITNOW is asking whether the concept of an IT department is dead (or dying) and we want to pepper some quotes through it from those who work in such teams now (anonymously of course).
  • Pile of books
    The kind of expectation you get from buying a new car seems not to apply to new software installations.
  • ITSM Blog Avatar
    Recently I participated in a video discussion with Stuart Rance and Barclay Rae as to whether or not Incident management had any value to an organisation.

Latest videos

  • Kurt Roosen
    Brian Runciman MBCS talks to Kurt Roosen, Chair of BCS Council about the importance of Council, it's activities and how to get involved.
  • John A Zachman
    Lorne Mitchell, Co-Chair of the BCS Enterprise and Architecture Specialist Group interviews and hosts a Q&A session with John A Zachman originator of the Framework for Enterprise Architecture.
  • Tom Needs
    Justin Richards MBCS talks to Tom Needs, Chief Operating Officer at Adapt, about his career history, his current role in Service Management and what makes a great customer experience.

Latest articles

  • The Agile Manifesto was written in 2001 and agile methods have seen widespread adoption since then. Many organisations have implemented agile methods in their software development departments.
  • Lycra-clad Tom Denwood, Executive Director at the Health and Social Care Information Centre and BCS Health Vice Chair (Policy and Strategy), examines the cycling, the health and wellbeing apps phenomenon.
  • Robert Limbrey MBCS explains how driving an efficient, resilient IT supply chain can improve an organisation’s standing on the global stage.
  • Bruce Laurie and Stephen A. Roberts, University of West London, School of Computing and Technology, discuss the challenges and opportunities inherent in having an IT strategy in an ever changing world.