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  • People Looking At Screen
    What is it? E-safety. We recently caught up with two individuals that have been helping schools with their e-safety plans and approaches. We asked Zoe Ross and Yvonne Walker about what they feel teachers should consider.
  • Jude Umeh Blog Avatar
    Some time ago I wrote an article and blog post entitled 'the perils of reusing digital content' looking at the key challenges facing users of digital content which, thanks to the power of computing and the internet has become more easily available, transferable and modifiable.
  • People Looking At Screen
    Online safety and social media management in schools is an important subject, especially with new e-safety guidelines coming into play this February. Jon Buttriss, CEO of BCS Learning & Development, looks at what opportunities there are to teach ethical and moral responsibilities.

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  • Dr Robina Chatham
    Robina shares some of the dos and don'ts of good leadership, talks about the difference between male and female managers, and reveals her number one tip for anyone taking their first step into management.
  • Roman Chernyshev
    Grant Powell talks to Roman Chernyshev, VP Healthcare & Life Sciences at DataArt EU about the development of the KidPro app, aimed at children undergoing clinical trials. Roman also offers his thoughts on the IT industry and future developments he'd like to see in IT related to healthcare.
  • Malcolm Harbour
    BCS and EEMA recently joined forces for a thought leadership seminar on the topic of future privacy and identity.

Latest articles

  • Whitelisting is an important security control and is considered so effective against targeted attacks that the Australian Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) rated it one of the four most important controls.
  • Sarah Pearce, partner at Cooley LLP, reports on the current trends for wearable tech and asks if wearable tech really has a bright future.
  • Dr Tuuli Bell, Secretary at BCS Service Management Specialist Group and Sales Solution Consultant at Cherwell Software, offers her list of 10 important observations and learnings from practicing ITIL.
  • According to Sopra Banking Software's Dr David Andrieux, in a world where 'smart' or cognitive systems have reached new levels of sophistication, it's time the financial services industry woke up to their potential.