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  • Jude Umeh Blog Avatar
    In line with my previous theme of intellectual property (IP) and the digital economy, this post looks at a recent Position Statement which I helped draft for BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.
  • John Morris Blog Avatar
    Last week I was speaking at the Data Surgery run by the BCS Data Management Special interest Group and obviously took the chance to drop in on some of the other sessions.
  • Chris Yapp Blog Avatar
    There has been much talk about autonomous machines in the last year, not least that of autonomous cars. The arrival of significant machine intelligence is widely discussed. I’m interested in thinking about this from the human perspective and look at what the limits of acceptability may be when technologies impact on human autonomy.

Latest videos

  • Kevin Streater
    Kevin Streater, Vice-Chair of BCS Council sheds more light on running for council and what the body does and recent activities.
  • Zahid Jiwa
    BCS Multimedia Editor, Justin Richards talks to Zahid Jiwa, VP Sales UK and Ireland, OutSystems, about a number of topics including the hybrid cloud, user experience, the current state of the software industry and advanced technology systems.
  • Sean Newman
    BCS Multimedia Editor, Justin Richards talks to Sean Newman, Security Strategist at Cisco about the current and near future security landscape.

Latest articles

  • Biometric authentication, such as retina scans, fingerprint scans and voice recognition, holds a lot of promise for identity and access management. Industry analysts laud the new technology and jostle to take the stand as the authority on the subject.
  • Peter Singleton considers the application of autonomy to what are commonly called ‘secondary uses’ of healthcare data.
  • Martin White, Managing Director, Intranet Focus, examines the history of enterprise search and discusses where search technology might be going in future.
  • BCS Multimedia Editor Justin Richards recently spoke to IT consultant Paul Hula about project management, the current state of programming and his work in health informatics.