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  • The term ‘project gamification’ caught Project Eye’s attention. As some of the Project Eye team have had brushes with delivering project management training, the idea of using computer games to simulate project scenarios sounded great.
  • People Looking At Screen
    Last year marked the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web. During this time digital technology has transformed every aspect of public, private and working life.
  • Pile of books
    ‘If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, what is the significance of a clean desk?’

Latest videos

  • Secure Cross Border Seminar
    This seminar on 2 December 2014 focused on what 2015 could bring if secure and accredited online identity becomes a reality. The day featured an opportunity to hear from and discuss with key representatives from government, suppliers and users.
  • Louise Bennett
    Chair of the BCS Security Community of Expertise, Dr Louise Bennett, talks about big data, the challenges associated it and why the data needs to be kept securely.
  • Cyber Security Summit
    At the Cyber Security Summit 2014, we hosted a panel debate which looked at the security threats of today and the issues of tomorrow.

Latest articles

  • The topic of energy efficiency in data centres has been the major talking point among data centre professionals for some years now. There are opposing schools of thought surrounding which servers are the most efficient and which are the most effective.
  • IT systems are global, becoming ever more social and are (at least in part) driven by big data. The IT market has shifted into true converged tech and corporate heavyweights who would have been unlikely bed-fellows in years gone by are cosying up to corner markets.
  • One of the ways in which companies can grow is to join an accelerator. Toby Kress runs the London Accelerator. He spoke to Henry Tucker MBCS about it.
  • Jonathan Kini, Enterprise Marketing Director, Vodafone, examines the state of flexible working in the UK today, the role that technology has played in its widespread adoption and how this technology will drive changes in the British workplace in the years to come.