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  • 75 per cent of software asset management (SAM) professionals think that there is a SAM skills gap, according to a recent event.
  • Wind tunnels have been used to determine ways to reduce the power required to move a vehicle at a given speed. In these studies, the interaction between the road and the vehicle plays a significant role, and this interaction must be taken into consideration when interpreting the test results, writes enterprise architect Carl Allen CEng FBCS CITP, who took these principles and applied them to the agile approach of building software systems.
  • ‘The IT industry as we know it is dying. If you don’t disrupt as a CIO, you will be disrupted.’ Just one of the key points for me that came out of the Leaders for Change breakfast briefing on 5 June, writes Eve McTighe-Crew of BCS.

Latest videos

  • David Ulevitch
    Justin Richards MBCS talks to David Ulevitch about the changing IT security landscape, the challenges he faces, his thoughts on BYOD, remote working and new technologies, as well as current issues such as identity theft.
  • Paul Barry
    Grant Powell talks to Paul Barry, Executive Chairman, Everylife Technologies about the solutions he has developed to aid the homecare health provision, the impact of cloud services and new technologies, the challenges he faces and the direct impact to patients and families as a result of his work.
  • Kurt Roosen
    Brian Runciman MBCS talks to Kurt Roosen, Chair of BCS Council about the importance of Council, it's activities and how to get involved.

Latest articles

  • Analytics-as-a-service (AaaS) can provide on-demand access to an organisation's predictive and business intelligence operations.
  • Jacqui Hogan MBCS deliberates on the current lack of female leadership within the information technology industry.
  • Jill Dann FBCS discusses nurturing the creation of business value through meaningful mentoring.
  • Product innovation can be both an opportunity and a concern for IT companies. Those driving innovation can gain unprecedented market openings, while those trailing can risk disaster.