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  • Comms365 is proud to have won the accolade of Small Supplier or VAR of the Year at this year's UK IT Industry awards.
  • Fujitsu, in partnership with Heathrow Airport, is incredibly proud to have been awarded 'Network / Infrastructure Project of the Year' at the 2015 UKIT Awards for our collaborative work on Heathrow's new Terminal 2.
  • The world of IT is exciting and constantly evolving, what is technology if not innovation? The evolution of IT in our lifetime is no less than a revolution, writes Simon Cook FBCS.

Latest videos

  • Professor Ross Anderson
    Brian Runciman MBCS talks to Professor Ross Anderson, winner of the 2015 Lovelace medal, about IT security and the various aspects of his ever-evolving career.
  • Geraldine Osman
    Grant Powell talks to Geraldine Osman, VP International Marketing, Connected Data about the recently released 'Transporter for Business', implications around big data, security considerations, and her thoughts on encouraging more women into IT and tech roles.
  • Matt Service
    Grant Powell talks to Matt Service, Director of Digital Strategy at Blue Lights Digital about the challenges of running a digital investigations agency, the impact of emerging technologies on his work and his thoughts and predictions around future developments within the industry.

Latest articles

  • Guarav Banga, co-founder and CEO, Bromium, explains how cyber security is a game of economics and discusses what can be done to change the situation for the better.
  • It feels like the entire planet is going mobile. A report out by eMarketer puts the number of mobile phones and smartphones at almost 4.5 billion and 1.75 billion respectively.
  • Kevin Cahill FBCS looks at some of the legal implications of the European Court of Justice ruling in the ‘Safe Harbour’ case and at some of the implications for BCS members.
  • We all know the stock answer to the question: what is your organisation’s greatest asset? Our pavlovian response is ‘our people’. But in the digital age we had better actually believe it, writes Adam Thilthorpe, Director for Professionalism at BCS.