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  • Woman smiling
    Translating the impact of IT innovation in a business context requires more than strong technical awareness. To really make the most of innovation, IT leaders must understand the aims and objectives of their c-suite peers.
  • Chris Yapp Blog Avatar
    It is over 20 years ago that the first call was made for the UK to roll out a universal fibre network as a backbone for the 21st century economy. Today, as far as FTTH is concerned the UK doesn’t appear anywhere on the international statistics.
  • David Evans
    The announcement in the Queen’s speech that we will see a bill with a new obligation for a minimum 10Mbps service for everyone sounds good. The details will need to emerge, but a great many BCS members who live beyond big cities will welcome this; ask any such group of members about this topic and prepare for a lengthy rant!

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  • Tom Harwood
    Aeriandi host PCI compliance solutions for call centres. Justin Richards MBCS talks to Tom Harwood about hybrid cloud, cloud security, his thoughts on entrepreneurial success, the current state of IT education in schools, and how technology advancements have helped businesses transact securely.
  • Enrico Coiera
    BCS recently held an event at The King's Fund, London to discuss ‘digital health’ ambitions - What works and what doesn’t? How do we deliver value for money? What actually improves patient, citizen and organisational outcomes?
  • Andrew Dymond
    Justin Richards MBCS talks to Andrew Dymond from Filmcell International & Ben Alpi from Runic Films, based in Los Angeles, about visual effects and the way that technology is shaping the film industry.

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  • Emil Eifrem, co-founder and CEO of Neo Technology, argues that this year is when graph database technology will go mainstream and asks: which approach will win the data wars?
  • Charlotte Walker-Osborn, Partner and Head of Technology, Media and Telecoms Sector; Edward Norris, Commercial Associate; and Rebecca Sherry, Associate in the Privacy and Information Law Group, all of Eversheds LLP, look at some of the legal obligations which flow following a breach of IT security.
  • Brian Runciman MBCS spoke to Laura Sharrott, HR Business Partner, and Lisa Lynett, Resourcing Partner at Specsavers, about the issues surrounding IT recruitment, skills planning and capability.
  • The drive to exploit the cloud for patient benefit and to reduce the burden on the NHS is ever growing. Gareth Baxendale FBCS CITP and James Mucklow FBCS CITP take a look…