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  • As a teacher and parent I believe there is an urgent need to improve digital literacy in primary schools, providing children with a benchmark of key skills prior to secondary school.
  • Kate Russell
    It is a sad fact of life today that while women make up around 46% of the UK workforce, they are extremely poorly represented in the STEM professions - in other words science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  • At capgemini we have long been committed to nurturing young talent and a key part of that is offering a Digital Apprenticeship programme enabling young people to build both the academic and practical skills necessary for success in the tech sector, while also helping to create the talent needed to boost the UK’s digital economy.

Latest videos

  • Partha Sen
    Justin Richards MBCS talks to Partha Sen, Founder and CEO of Fuzzy Logix, about big data and the systems he uses for advanced data analytics to help analyse and manage considerable data volumes.
  • Lorne Mitchell
    Lorne Mitchell, Chair of the BCS EA Specialist Group talks to Martin Sykes, Head of Architecture and Design, Cambridge Assessment, and John Gøtze, Senior Advisor, QualiWare about the art of storytelling in relation to Enterprise Architecture.
  • Mark James
    Key delegates and exhibitors at Infosecurity 2016 talk to BCS about the changing threat landscape and the important work they are carrying out within their organisations to keep the cyber criminals at bay.

Latest articles

  • Cybersecurity will become an integral part of computing science education in the UK thanks to a coordinated approach from the BCS, the Council for Professors and Heads of Computing, (ISC)2 and the Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance in the Cabinet Office.
  • Phil Symons MBCS discusses the more subtle trade-offs that typically crop up when an organisation decides to go down the cloud route.
  • Carron Shankland MBCS looks at tackling gender inequality in higher education through Athena SWAN - how it works and how you can get involved.
  • Svyatoslav Kotusev, a researcher at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, continues his analysis of enterprise architecture frameworks and asks if they’re all just management fads.