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  • BIO IT Manager, David Lightfoot MBCS explains why it is ‘peoplecare’, above all of management’s functions, that is most important in building a successful company.
  • BCS Internet Specialist Group member, Anuradha Udunuwara, questions whether the internet of things should really be known as the network of things.
  • The report, ‘Life in ‘likes’ published today by the Children’s Commissioner provides an important snapshot of the way children are continuing to evolve their relationship with digital technology, with each other, and the wider world through digital technology. It continues to be the case that there is a lot of benefit to be found, and, some areas for concern.

Latest videos

  • Cecilie Waagner-Falkenstrom
    Brian Runciman, BCS Head of Content talks to Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrom, winner of The Lumen Prize 2017, BCS Artificial Intelligence Award for Digital Art, about her creation - ‘Frank’, an ARTificial intelligence.
  • Steve Oram (4)
    BCS editor Justin Richards speaks to author Stephen Oram about his recent collection of short science fiction stories and how technology has influenced his writing.
  • Professor Andrew Blake
    Professor Andrew Blake is an engineer whose innovative work on image analysis has helped make it possible for computers to react to the world around them.

Latest articles

  • Open source doesn’t start and finish with software. Dr Alice E Williamson explains how an open, collaborative and community-based philosophy can benefit drug development too.
  • Carla Silva, Computer Science Ph.D. student at Faculty of Science University of Porto, gives a brief description uncovering the importance of a trending topic that connects quantum computing and machine learning.
  • Soly Mathew Biju and Alex Mathew take us on a whistle-stop tour of some of the potential futures for the internet of things.
  • Or rather, computing is too important to miss everyone else out. Brian Runciman MBCS reports on BCS’s research into diversity in UK IT.