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  • A recent discussion on the BCS Voices site has been tackling whether re-skilling staff is better than recruiting – and, to confess, it was me that started the conversation and I like slightly contentious, perhaps over-confidently definitive, titles. Hence: ‘Reskilling is better than recruiting...’
  • Jude Umeh Blog Avatar
    The next instalment of one of my favourite conferences on copyright and technology is right around the corner, on January 24 in NYC, and as usual it promises some interesting: debate, controversy and hot-off-the-press insights into the murky world of copyright business, technology, and legislation.
  • Michael Saunby MBCS CEng looks at the programming skills demanded by 21st century life, points to some excellent resources and quotes Professor Brian Cox.

Latest videos

  • Maxine Mackintosh
    The BCS Content Team talks with HealthTech Women UK’s Maxine Mackintosh about her work in digital health and her nomination for Women in IT’s Woman of the Year award. We discuss her motivation, hopes for the future and how to begin a career in informatics.
  • Guy Yaniv
    Guy Yaniv, CEO at Arkivum talks to Martin Cooper, BCS Content Manager, about his work in data management and data storage, the how’s and why’s of archiving, and the responsibility in safeguarding customer files.
  • Jamie Woodruff
    Jamie Woodruff is a Certified Ethical Hacker and Certified Penetration Testing Engineer from London. He specialises in social engineering. At a recent gathering of RITTech members in London, he discussed hacking tools, techniques and how even seemingly secure organisations can be laid bare.

Latest articles

  • Alex Krasodomski-Jones, from Demos, tells Martin Cooper AMBCS about how the think-tank's work with BCS is helping politicians shape public policy through gleaning insights from social media.
  • Dr. Guruduth Banavar is VP of Cognitive Computing at IBM Research and will be delivering the 2017 BCS/IET Turing Lecture. Martin Cooper AMBCS explores Dr Banavar's career, how machine learning works and why Dr Banavar believes Turing remains as relevant as ever.
  • Fake news, high profile hacks and suggestions that foreign powers influenced recent US elections. Chris Pallett FBCS, Managing Director of Bespoke Computing, wonders where the internet is heading next.
  • Stephen J Pratt FBCS wonders whether successes in the field of information technology might the tech industry into complacency and repetition as opposed to reaching for new creative heights.