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  • Speaking at the World Mobile Conference in Barcelona, in February this year, Mark Zuckerberg commented ‘We’re making a long term bet that immersive, virtual and augmented reality will become part of people’s daily lives’ and his prediction is coming to fruition.
  • David Evans
    With the UK on a path to exiting the European Union, a world-leading digital infrastructure becomes more important than ever as the UK has to compete with the entire world, rather than simply European partners. Broadband is an essential part of that, and today we’ve had yet another report on progress.
  • Sarah Burnett, Vice President at Everest Group, and BCSWomen Deputy Chair, looks at what the IT industry could learn from the rise of women in UK politics.

Latest videos

  • Lorne Mitchell
    Lorne Mitchell, Chair of the BCS EA Specialist Group talks to Martin Sykes, Head of Architecture and Design, Cambridge Assessment, and John Gøtze, Senior Advisor, QualiWare about the art of storytelling in relation to Enterprise Architecture.
  • Mark James
    Key delegates and exhibitors at Infosecurity 2016 talk to BCS about the changing threat landscape and the important work they are carrying out within their organisations to keep the cyber criminals at bay.
  • Simon Peyton Jones
    Simon Peyton Jones MA FACM FBCS CEng talks us through the Computing At School (CAS) programme, from early development to its current levels of success.

Latest articles

  • Social engineering can provide hackers with easy access to an organisation’s secrets. Pen tester Jamie Woodruff revealed all at a recent RITTech meetup.
  • BCS Multimedia Editor, Justin Richards, reports on the highlights from this year’s UK e-Health week, specifically from his time spent at the partly BCS-sponsored HC2016.
  • David Strudwick MBCS, CyberDefence Dynamics, highlights several threat intelligence challenges and explains why businesses need to make the most of such threat intelligence.
  • John Mitchell, Chair of the BCS Information Risk Management and Assurance Specialist Group, says that you should expect that something bad will happen with your information security, so you need to plan your response.