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  • The UK has always thrived as an international trading nation and global leader in science and engineering. As we leave the EU we need to ensure we have the right support in place for our science and engineering education and research ecosystem if we are to continue to succeed in a global economy.
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    This week we have a guest blog from Hunter Muller, CEO at HMG Strategy, LLC, a company which assists CIOs (Chief Information Officers) in becoming transformational executives and leaders. Drawing on more than 25 years of experience in consulting with IT executive leaders, Hunter is a multi-title book author and a frequent industry speaker on transformational leadership and innovation.
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    The ever-widening IT skills gap needs filling. Organisations that fail to take proactive steps could lose a competitive advantage. CIOs must help their firms develop a coping strategy for talent management and development.

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  • A recent BCS workshop saw a group of experts and thinkers meeting under Chatham House rules, chaired by David Evans, BCS Director of Policy and Community, to take a first run at one of the Institute’s four challenges: personal data. Brian Runciman MBCS reports.
  • Hannah Dee, BCSWomen committee member and senior lecturer at Aberystwyth University, writes about the BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium.
  • Dr Barry G Blundell FBCS, Academic Lead Computing and IT at the University of Derby Online Learning, looks at the fears and realities of computer-enabled learning.
  • Whether we call what BCS does IT, ICT, IS, CS or another set of letters, we are here to make it good for society. In May 2016 David Evans, BCS Policy and Community Director introduced an event showing BCS’s aim of getting views from all corners on ensuring that IT contributes to the social good.