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    The almost constant need for digital transformation means modern IT organisations must alter direction quickly. When the business demands change, CIOs and the rest of the in-house IT team needs to be ready.
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    I am one of the increasing numbers of people who now use ad-blockers on all my devices. The number of sites that I now visit that ask me to subscribe or be blocked from their site is increasing at a significant rate. So, for the last month, I’ve looked at the personal implications of finding myself unable to access an increasing part of the internet.
  • An article in the Times on the 9th March, (also the day of BCS's AGM), served as a reminder of why our mission to ‘Make IT good for society’ is so important.

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  • John Mitchell, Chair of the BCS Information Risk Management and Assurance Specialist Group, looks at balancing the risk equation and being prepared for potential impacts.
  • Brian Runciman MBCS attended the first of a new type of BCS event in October 2015. It covered the very important subject, in line with BCS’s stated aim of making IT good for society, of the problems surrounding IT recruitment and capability.
  • Something very exciting is happening on the internet and, depending on whom you ask, it could be as game changing as the internet itself, or as mundane as just another protocol layer on it.
  • In line with one of the challenges that BCS is taking on, David Evans, Director of Policy, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, looks at the future direction of personal data. Can the IT department fix it, or is the problem wider?