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  • Brian Runciman
    The worlds biggest G and T, the world's biggest freezer or the world's biggest 3d printer... I didn't know what to call this blog post after my visit to the Aalto University ice tank test facility.
  • Businesses must handle and protect their customers’ data correctly. Peter Lewinton, MA (Oxf), MBCS explores and explains what we can learn from the recent RSPCA case.
  • Web development is fascinating and starting programming can be the beginning of a rewarding career. Christopher East offers his take on which language to tackle first

Latest videos

  • Rob Deri
    Rob Deri, BCS Group Finance Director, talks about equality, diversity and inclusion at BCS.
  • Maxine Mackintosh
    The BCS Content Team talks with HealthTech Women UK’s Maxine Mackintosh about her work in digital health and her nomination for Women in IT’s Woman of the Year award. We discuss her motivation, hopes for the future and how to begin a career in informatics.
  • Guy Yaniv
    Guy Yaniv, CEO at Arkivum talks to Martin Cooper, BCS Content Manager, about his work in data management and data storage, the how’s and why’s of archiving, and the responsibility in safeguarding customer files.

Latest articles

  • Peter Wenham MBCS, Director of information assurance consultancy Trusted Management and committee member of the BCS Security Forum strategic panel, examines ransomware and discusses how individuals and organisations can keep themselves safe(r).
  • The internet of things promises amazing possibilities. It also threatens chaos if security isn't taken seriously. Thomas McGrath considers how we can ensure we stay safe and still enjoy the new technology’s benefits.
  • Despite a large amount of negativity around offshoring software development, Paul Taylor - a change consultant - outlines a simple three step process to allow firms to successfully offshore software development.
  • Digital Business Analyst, Ian Hunter MBCS, responds to a recent event on women in IT, namely BCS’s Women in IT Question Time Debate, hosted by Zurich in Fareham, who proved to be excellent hosts for an evening of stimulating discussion and debate.