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  • The robots are coming but are they really a threat or will they open doors to new skills and opportunities?
  • Project Eye has been chatting with a young (ish) IT professional who took time out to do a PhD. This analysed, in detail, the progress reports of a substantial software development which took place in an integrated enterprise business environment.
  • Very early in my career I worked with an IT manager who refused to use the term ‘the business’ in conversation, writes Elizabeth Harrin.

Latest videos

  • Geraldine Osman
    Grant Powell talks to Geraldine Osman, VP International Marketing, Connected Data about the recently released 'Transporter for Business', implications around big data, security considerations, and her thoughts on encouraging more women into IT and tech roles.
  • Matt Service
    Grant Powell talks to Matt Service, Director of Digital Strategy at Blue Lights Digital about the challenges of running a digital investigations agency, the impact of emerging technologies on his work and his thoughts and predictions around future developments within the industry.
  • David Ulevitch
    Justin Richards MBCS talks to David Ulevitch about the changing IT security landscape, the challenges he faces, his thoughts on BYOD, remote working and new technologies, as well as current issues such as identity theft.

Latest articles

  • David Bird MBCS CITP looks at the potential of 5G, and some of the security considerations that will need to be taken into account.
  • Maria Kutar, Marie Griffiths and Gordon Fletcher look at how we can secure the increasing problem of multiple digital identities.
  • Patrick Oliphant MBCS, Server System Manager at Monsoon Accessorize Ltd and the co-founder of, an internet portal for the connected home industry, takes a look at the increasing importance of the connected home market and its implications for IT professionals.
  • Jos Creese MBCS, discusses how the role of IT is changing and suggests that the profession, as a whole, must keep up with these changes for the sake of business and society in general.