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  • Within the last four years, goal-line technology has been developed, tested and implemented into the highest forms of the game. Yet, with all this development, was it really worth it?
  • Digital media (DM) projects are growing in number and importance. With the BBC Digital Media Initiative they have even got their own massive project disaster to match those in other industry sectors. Although there other aspects to DM projects such as the creative skills needed to design engaging content, the importance of the role of IT development and deployment in them is unarguable.
  • Chris Yapp Blog Avatar
    At this time of year it’s interesting to look back at the year so far and see what themes have dominated or been significant in 2014. What has struck me is that directly and indirectly much of my time has been spent this year on the future of work.

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  • Sara Hill
    Our panel of experts discuss the skills shortage that’s posing very real risks to the business potential of IT.
  • Kevin Streater
    Kevin Streater, Vice-Chair of BCS Council sheds more light on running for council and what the body does and recent activities.
  • Zahid Jiwa
    BCS Multimedia Editor, Justin Richards talks to Zahid Jiwa, VP Sales UK and Ireland, OutSystems, about a number of topics including the hybrid cloud, user experience, the current state of the software industry and advanced technology systems.

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  • Cisco believes will have 50 billion devices connected to the internet of things (IoT) by 2020. The popular view seems to veer between visions of beneficial 24/7 health monitoring to a fear that we may be sleepwalking into Orwell’s 1984.
  • Augmented reality is a buzzword at the moment and the commercial world is already running full steam ahead with the technology. With that in mind, Judy Bloxham, Jisc RSC Northwest, explores how augmented reality is making a difference to the learning process.
  • With so much more malware now being designed specifically to exploit mobile device vulnerabilities, the protection of businesses from this recent security scourge has risen up the agenda of many a CIO. Sean Newman, Security Strategist, Cisco, investigates.
  • Information security used to be simple. We locked doors, bolted windows, and that was sufficient. We took our cues for IT security architecture design from the same places, castles, walls, defence in depth, onion models, and network security based models positioned against external attack. These risks are not entirely the whole story says Ralph O’Brien MBCS.